Lack of Russian subbers on Viki

Hi, I’m a Russian subber and I’ve been on Viki since 2018. I found that there are barely any Russian subbers on Viki (I’ve met one besides myself) and I don’t know why. Russian is generally a wide spoken language so is it to do with Viki restrictions in Russian speaking countries? So many dramas on here need Russian subs but there are only a few people that make (good quality) Russian subs on Viki so working on projects is very time consuming because you can’t even recruit a team and still have deadlines to meet (most of the time.)

Feel free to answer any of these questions or comment on this and if you’re a Russian speaker/subber say hi :slight_smile:


Привет, я тоже заметила, что тут мало тех, кто переводит на русский. Я хотела бы, но мне все отвечают одним голосом “сначала найдите модератора своего родного языка”. Никак не понимаю как стать саббером с англ. на русский яз…

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