LADIES who is your Favorite, Ultimate MANGA/ANIME CRUSH?


So we’ve got our favorite Dramas Male actors, KPOP Biases, Fictional lovers who makes us want to hug/kiss our computer screen…
BUT for some of us, there was a time when fantasies where filled by hot guys made of paper and ink. So to start, here is my ultimate top 3 Manga/Anime crushes:

Saint Seiya: Camus (Aquarius Gold Saint)

Why Aquarius? Don’t ask me, I don’t even like aquarius guys in real life but this cara… I totally fell for his green hair, muscles and seriousness.

Samouraï Champloo: Jin (quiet/shy and sexy Jin)

Seriously Is there anyone who prefer that Hothead Mugen anyway?

**Maid Sama: Usui **


Annnd Special mention for that Cat:


OMG USSSII!!! i just love this topic! great ideaa.hes on my list tooo!!

okay, so here are my anime/manga crushes. and this is soo far, because i know along the line there will be more anime’s i will watch. so here we go:

even though this probably isnt an anime yet, i’d have to give it up for YOH from HIGHSCHOOL DEBUT as being my #1 manga/anime crush. he was soo harsh at first but i just loveee his toughness and his kindness.the way he fell for Haruna. its about a girl trying to get a boyfriend,and he’s supposed to be her coach, under the condition that she shouldnt fall for him.

he was soo emo-like i love it.

i suggest it its a really good manga. you can read the summary and manga here:

my second crush is probably Usi. he’s so bad hahaha and funny i love him

my third would probably be kazehaya from kimi ni todoke cuz he’s soo sweet and considerate.sweet guy

my fourth… maybe Makoto from W-juliet, a gender bender about a guy who forced to dress like a girl+pretend he IS one in a highschool,a deal he made with his father in order for his acting dream to get recognized. but a tomboy girl who finds out his secret falls for him and he does too. now they must keep this a secret from the school and family.


OHHH!!! i forgot one of my MAIN ones im reading now *bangs head onto wall

i love kurosaki from the manga “dengeki daisy” !! he reminds me of Usi SOOOO much cuz they both have that same bad-boy character and theyre both blonde. if u love usi u will LOVE him. its about this little girl whos in like,freshman year of highschool,and her brother dies,leaving her with no family to take care of her and kinda homeless-like. her brother leaves her with a cellphone with a contact number to this guy “daisy” saying that he will protect and watch over her,even though she doesnt know who he is and he never shows his face. " Teru accidentally breaks a school window, which results in her working for the grouchy, cruel school janitor named Tasuku Kurosaki. As Teru begins working for the unlikable school janitor, her feelings begin to surpass that of master and servant and she begins to question DAISY’s true identity. Thus begins an unlikely friendship between a 16-year-old high school girl and a sly but smart 24-year-old "

hes so bad though xD just like usi


i have read a lot of shojo mangas!
and Dengeky Daisy

and Kaichou wa maid sama are my favorite ones!!
not to mention kimi ni todoke
in this moment i’m reading Watashi ni XX shinasai this manga make my heart beat so much! xD
anothe really good are:
Parfait tic!
Strobe edge! i love it!
another really capting atención right now is the brother of strobe edge Aoi haru ride or aoharaido!
and of course it can not falt Skip beat!

or even Kamisama hajimemmashita !
for the moement i’m sad 'cause tonari no kaibutsu kun is ending! :frowning:

but well does ones are the mangas i’m proud to read :slight_smile:


!!! i love your choices and yay!!! u read dengeki daisy TOO?!!! : D isnt it great? XD btw what is this manga?

u said strobe edge? what is it about?


it is about first love!
by the way the color in that picture was maid by me :smiley:
is a really good and fun cute manga, ninako fall in love with ren but he have girlfriend, and she tried to foget him, and then she can’t, some situacions come up, and friends are in the midlle, i feel like i’m spaming you!
just really wach the manga!! :smiley: fully recomeded.


i didn’t see it. yes i read Dengeki daisy!!
is my favorite manga, i’m waiting for kiss chapter right now!
well i guess you top, we are waiting for that chapter seens begining.


lolicon kurosaki! :smiley:
jajaja he will get red and green is he read this coment


aww!! i love these kinds of stories!! u did the color?? cooolll xD LOL ur not! why u feel like ur spamming me ? hhahaha xD

can u give me the link of where you read it at? : ) if u dont mind x) i wanna read this now haha

if u like those kinds of mangas u should read Highschool debut!!!

its realllyyy good, she wants him to teach her how to get a boyfriend, how to dress better, she starts liking him. realllyyy beautiful manga




yes i did the coloring, you wanna see some? click here i have already read koukou debut! this manga is really cute and funny
here is the link to strobe edge i actually read it but in spanish so is another fandom but this one famdom in manga reader is really good! Strobe edge


WAH!!! its beautifulll! u did all those?? i love it!!
thank u for the links xD ur spanish? holla amiga como esta? mucho gusto xD i know a little bit of spanish hehe

i heard that they want to continue koukou debut! look here :

and in kimi ni todoke: did u read the latest chapter that came out ? T.T


yes, i’m “latina” and yes i did all that is one of my kinda 50 hobbies xDD
i haven’t read laster chapters of kimi ni todoke, do you have a link?
and i’m happy whit koukou debut notice, and now waiting for tranlation
should viki have a place for mangas? xDDDD i’m kinda crazy LOL


me too, xD but i dont know too much spanish. i understand some of it and speaking is a little hard but i can do some sentences haha.

YES!! viki should DEFINITLEY have a place for mangas.

i am soo happy to but ive been waiting for the translation since FOREVER. T.T hopefully they hurry cuz its been a couple years T.T

i have a link, but some of it is broken,confusing translation, so its hard to understand after you pass a certain chapter. but the first couple of chapters are understandable in english. i dont want to put a SPOILER here but BE PREPARED for excitement!!!

what was the last chapter you read? i will put up the link for you


will i have really majorated my english more then i thougt in viki maby you can do same of course whit spanish projects :slight_smile:
i ended last chapter of kimi ni todoke in 79 xDD
maybe that for koukou debut you guys hare just waiting wihtout thinking in ask and help translating i don’t know to much but is a good idea to look up for a fnsub and give the project of koukou debut has an idea


oh wait, so u saw the kiss!!! xDDDD eoirewhjfnhf!!
this is chapter 80. although i havent finished it yet.

yes thats true,maybe i should do that haha xD


since when are they engaige!!! o.O
kjhfksjhfkasjfh it’s driving me nunts
well i’m reading my last chapter again maybe i forgot something XDDD
by the way love this cover!!


NO REALLY!!!?? GAH!! i tottally havent gotten there yet T.T well, find out what volume you were reading,then i can post u that one. omg i havent seen that picture yet but its beautiful!!


it’s ok i already found it thank you! :-9
by the way let me know your opinion 'bout Strobe Edge XD


okay xD when i start reading it i will let you know! since im in between dramas right now, im trying to finish them and when i get to reading it, i will tell u all about it : ) thanks for suggesting it to me