Lag issues when watching viki

anyone else getting extreme lag? I live in NA.

Yes, it has become a serious problem lately. I paid for Viki Pass and I’m watching programs in other sites because of the lagging, not loading problem. I have a fast inet connection and do not have a any problems accessing anything else.

YES!! not only lag problems but completely freezing on commercials -__________________________- but what is bothering me is the lagging slow motion and picture from the episode
i also have good internet

I have had a lot of trouble trying to watch viki. I have viki pass and have not been able to watch anything in HD. Even in the lowest picture quality setting it won’t load. As others have said I can watch on other sites with no problem. Is anyone enjoying viki pass in HD with no problems?

I am from malaysia and I have vikipass. Yes it is lagging nowadays. What I mean by lagging is that, any drama just happened to pause sometimes. Random pause. I thought it would go away after few days. Perhaps viki doing their maintenance. No ideas. Just guessing.

I don’t think its our end. But perhaps Viki’s servers?

Sometimes the same happens to me with netflixs when their servers are under heavy demand.

I have been experiencing this too. But only on my notebook. Viki app on iPad is perfect in HD. On my desktop I cannot always watch it in HD, but I don’t seem to have any lag issues. Perhaps it can be something related to software issues? Browser or System Specs?

I’m getting lag on some specific shows but not on others. For instance, School 2013 was lagging pretty bad.

I mainly use Firefox and disable my add-ons for viki which used to work fine. But now Lagg when buffering and sometimes after watching ADs it won’t load the resumed show.

I’m trying out chrome without any add-ons and its very snapy Master’s Sun is loading fast, no lagg nor hang-ups.

So far so good…