Lakorn Recommendation

Hello, until now I watched only japanese, chinese and korean dramas and some time ago somebody recommended me to watch lakorns (I didn’t watch any lakorns until now) and I don’t know what to choose for my first time, because you know that if the first drama is not a good one you’ll not be interested to try again from the same category. So what lakorn do you recommend me to see for the first time? Or must watch lakorns? Thank you for your answer.


I personally started with Cubic but I wouldn’t recommend that and I stopped really watching and only skipped to the ending soon.

I can only recommend the Thai version of Full House. Even though some characters are sooo annoying the main characters have such a great chemistry (and the main actor is simply gorgeous -) And I really need to find time to finally finish watching this one (but at the same time I don’t want to finish… :D)

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Also it’s my first time in the larkon world. I’m helping with the subs in my language and I’m really hooked with this larkon: Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (Bittersweet Promise of Revenge) :smiley:

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I’ve never watched a Lakorn as well (and because of this topic I might start) - I’ve never finished watching Full House so I think it’ll be a good one - especially the fact that you just said how gorgeous the main actor is - I’ll have to see for myself ^^

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I will try it, I also think that this is a good one, but not for the first time ever.

I will try Full House, even if I didn’t like the korean version, it was somehow boring and annoying.

You can try also the 5 series of Gentleman of Chutathep, I’m helping with the subs in my language of part 3 of this show and is awesome, a good choise for the first lakorn, anyway you can choose any part of this 5. Is 100% worth watchig.

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I also love this lakorn but sadly it has disappeared from my region and I can’t finish watching it. This is becoming a big problem with Thai Lakorn here on viki. More and more are not available. I got a viki pass so that I could watch the Thai lakorns with out having to watch a lot of cammercials only to find out that the pass does not apply to many Thai lakorns as they are fan channels. But that was ok because I still wanted to support the work of Viki and the subbers. Now I find that I can’t see a lot of the shows because they are no longer available in my region and the ones that are available are only subbed half way. Ok Viki I give up. I canceled by pass and I will just make do with what ever I find on youtube

I’m willing to give it a shot, but I can’t seem to find it. Can you give me the link?

This is the link on viki, for the 3rd part of this series where you can find also the link for the other parts
If is not avaible in your region I think you can find it also on youtube with english subtitles.

Here are some that I’ve watched, these were on wiskboniko’s channel on YouTube, but it got deleted, so… anyway, here they are:

Here is wishboniko’s blog, where the before-mentioned lakorns have descriptions and OSTs and trailers:

EDIT : Some lakorns have scenes that may affect you, so keep that in mind.


k, thx ^^ though it’s sad to realize that like all kdramas (like almost every kdrama) the second lead is cuter than the main lead, here comes second lead syndrom, again T.T

I recommend Full House Thai version, Tawipob, and Leh Nangfah (this recently finished airing, and you probably won’t find it with english subs until quite a while, i can understand Thai so I watched it)

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Thank you, after I finish Gentlemans of Chutathep, I will try Tawipob and Full House (I think is a good story, but the korean version was not as good as expected even if Rain was the male lead).Unfortunately I don’t understand thai, but I just discovered that they have very good stories and actors, that worth watching.

Hey …Mine was the same condition I was addicted to South Korean, Japanese , Chinese and Taiwanese drama but I watched one Lakorn and now I am addicted to it.

I agree Thai full house version is more intriguing and watchable then the actual south Korean also Mike( Main lead - Pra’ ek) is incredibly handsome

I really have some suggestion

do watch the following
Wanida 2010 version
Sud Sai Pan
Kwarm lub Kuang Superstar( I started with this one)
Ngao Asoke
Majurat See Nampueng
Game Rai Game ruk
Dok Soke ( But a sad ending)
Dok rak rim Tang
Sao Noi
Ngao Kamathep ( the Pra,ek is too handsome)
Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter ( the Best…I am in love with the Pra,ek)
Tears of Pearls
Roy Lae Sanae Luang
Pin Anong

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Not a lakorn, but is anyone watching the teen series “Hormones”? There have been two seasons so far.

i’m lookin forward to it… :smile:

I recommend Lovesick The series, seriously, one of the cutest stories I’ve seen (mostly because I like BL stories XD hehe) after watching the first season in 2 days (and re-re-re-watch it), It was too much for me to just wait for Season 2 and I had to read the book… best thing I could’ve done: it is amazingly cute, 100 times better than the series. (btw, the fist episode might be boring and confusing, but in the last minutes it gets better) give it a chance :wink:

I know this isn’t really a reply to your question, but where can I watch Kwam Lap Nang Man Rai (The Secret of Sassy Women) movie starring Min Pechaya and Lek Teeradetch? If not how can I get a subbing crew to at least consider subbing the movie?

But Ruk ok Rit, Padiwadara, Sapaijao, Two worlds of Love, Lah Ruk Sut Khob Fah are Lakorns I have recently watched and like them!