Lan Ling Wang [Discussion]

Lan Ling Wang

Hey all Lan Ling Wang fans! I know LLW is the hit c-drama of this summer season with lots of fans here on viki. The subbing team is working very hard on subbing Lan Ling Wang over at the channel and it is still a work in progress. I figured it’d be great to have a place for LLW fans to discuss the drama, especially while it is still airing and being subbed.

Here are a few starter topics:

  • What are your favorite character(s) and why?
  • Do you have any favorite scenes or favorite episodes?
  • Why do you enjoy LLW?
  • What do you wish would be different in the drama?
  • Share your favorite screencaps or stills from the drama!

Note: Please put a spoiler warning if you are posting a spoiler.


^Just for YWY’s smile! :wink:

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I love all of the BTS for LLW. Here is one clip featuring Daniel Chan talking about his character which also shows some fun BTS clips! It’s funny seeing them styling his super long hair, haha.

That wink at 3:30. Whoot! Dies… lol


Omg I totally missed the wink. I went back to watch it thanks to you! swoons

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lol you’re welcome :slight_smile:

To all who are having withdrawal symptoms after LLW like me. lol I have a website for you that you could go look at.
Sorry but it’s in chinese, but they have really nice hd pictures of the show. :smiley:

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Back to your questions. The favorite characters I liked in the show was: Yu Wen Hong, Yang Yue Wu, the Royal Granny, and Ande Wang.

I’m a bit sad that Lan Ling Wang didn’t really meet my expectation for some reasons also Xiao Dong too. Probably the reason for Lan Ling Wang is because he didn’t match the character description because as said in the storyline he’s suppose to be PRETTY like a flower boy. No offense to William Feng, but he’s more in the handsome aisle. I still remember the scene where SPOILER [the Zhou general was questioning LWW and YYW during their fake wedding to rescue LWW’s army cousin.] He said that he’s soo pretty, he could be a woman. I cough and laughed like crazy. lol Also for Xiao Dong, I didn’t really like his poker acting skill and way of talking. Irritates me for some reason but SPOILER: [skip til end of paragraph if doesn’t want to be spoil] [when he end up dying saving Yang Yue Wu from the crazy psychotic queen, I cried when Yue Wu realized they left him behind in Qi country.]

Yep emotional stuff

Welts, that’s what my favorite characters or likeable characters I have liked in the show. I’m pretty sure I left some out. Here’s picture of a happy time of Yang Yue Wu and Lang Ling Wang just for fun. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this, I will have to look at it for the HD pics!! :smiley:

Yu Wen Yong is my favorite character in LLW. :smiley: I think there are a lot of facepalm moments in LLW’s plot. It could’ve been much better if only it had a more solid/realistic storyline & writing.


Yuwen Yong is my favorite character! He is sweet and act like a emperor. Spoiler! I like this drama because in real life Lan Ling died young and in the drama Xue Wu sacrifice her life, changing fate so he can live.


Translation open new window HERE

Sorry if I am posting a lot because I am still having withdrawals from it.


haha I had withdrawals too for like 2 weeks. After episode 46 I was in mourning lol.

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Lan ling wang is my favorite chinese drama ever. I wish more people here knew how good it is!

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