Language Exchange(Korean, German, English)


I’m from Korea to here, Frankfurt for my internship.

I found this cool site just a few days ago and I really surprised there are many ppl who loves Korean drama.

I also learn German by watching new Korea drama with German and English subtitle.

If there are someone who enjoy K-drama, music with me in Frankfurt, we can meet and exchange languages.

Of course, We can meet online by email, facebook and so on.

I will help you with my pleasure. :slight_smile:

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what’s ur e-mail?


HI, I currently live in the US and in Colombia part of the year, I’m very interested in learning korean, I’m currently learning myself with websites and apps, but is not the same, If you want I could teach you spanish or if you need to improve your english I’m good with that as well, I know very basic german from college but if you want send me a reply or a message we can exchange emails. thanks!


Hi, I’m from Indonesia, and i’m learning korean at the moment from smartphone apps and from k-drama or k-variety shows, but i still lack in the grammar… it’ll be wonderful if i can learn korean directly from a korean citizen :smiley:
i can teach you indonesian and some chinese too though…
it’ll be nice to meet you, what’s your email?
I hope we can be friends :blush:

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