Language filters for comments and reviews

I LOVE that VIKI is an international site, welcoming and accommodating people from all over the world. However, it is frustrating and time consuming to have to find reviews and comments in a language I can understand. I speak two languages - English and French. If Viki would add a search filter to the reviews and comments section, we could easily and quickly find comments we understand. Instead, we’re forced to hunt for text we can understand through pages and pages of languages . It makes the review and comments sections almost irrelevant. I’m no IT expert but a filter such as language choice doesn’t seem that complicated - they are everywhere. I don’t know what to do - start a petition?


I don’t know about a petition but at the Viki Helpcenter there is the option to place ideas.

Thanks, I will try that

There used to be a language filter for the Reviews. I think they removed it when they switched over to the new user interface design.

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The comment section is run by Disqus, so Viki has no direct control over it.

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Yes, but Viki controls the reviews. Even when there was a language filter, it never worked for me. I saw Arabic, Portuguese, French, Spanish, etc. :smiley:

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That’s true - I’d forgotten. It never worked for me either in the review section. Still, isn’t Disqus contracted by Viki? I mean, if Viki is the client, can’t they insist on language filters?

I am not completely sure but I suppose, the languages aren’t filtered by the system in reviews.
it is the reviewers who decide which language the comment is in. For example: If I write the review in Portuguese, I might not change the review language that is set as English by default. In clear words, I write the review in Portuguese but don’t change the default language, my review will be filtered with english reviews.
I don’t know if this is how it works.

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