Language learning goals for the new year?

Hi everyone!

With the new year already here, what are your language learning goals for 2015? Being able to write in the language you’re learning? Making sure to complete at least one online lesson every day? Share them here, and we can help each other along the way!

(For me, I’m aiming to increase my knowledge of Korean vocabulary and to finally be able to watch a K-Drama or variety show without relying too much on the subtitles :))

Santa gave me Hello Korean 2 so my goal is to finish that book in 2015. Was planning on finishing the first book by the end of this year but I didn’t make it.
Next to that I want:

  • Finish the 1000 common vocabulary list for Korean on Memrise.
  • Try to become up to date with the TTMIK lessons as much as possible.
  • To be able to communicate more in Korean with Koreans I meet online without using translators.
  • To be able to read an easy webtoon a Korean friend recommended to me.
  • Master the 2-set sebulshik typing system which is standard in Korea ( I use romanized input now but I want to be able to use the standard Korean keyboard)

For on Viki:

  • To be able to understand more Korean without subs.
  • Being able to sub more from Korean - English.

Now I have memrise on my phone I use it more often, I don’t know why but I think that works easier.
Now I’m also segging MK2 I’m tempted to pick up Japanese again but I better not do that because that’s too confusing with Korean. They are in a way too similar so I mix them up. I really need to work on my motivation in 2015 otherwise I won’t meet my goals again and will never be able to understand a decent amount of Korean.

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Right now, I’m learning Japanese (just to talk) :smile:
And Hangul…
I want to learn both languages in future, and I hope that I will watch dramas without subs (in future)! :smile:

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I so wanna learn Korean or Japanese but I’m so busy with school… maybe during the summer :smile:

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My goal is actually to learn arabic fluently. I’s love to learn korean but I think my goal is to better myself for my families culture. :slight_smile:

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My first goal is getting as fluent in English as possible which basically just means learning vocabularies. Lots of them -.-

Also I finally want to continue Korean. I have to admit though that English is more important right now so Korean will once again be pushed back -.-

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I think a lot of people want to learn Korean (I do too!) and I want to increase the amount I have learned so far. I can write all the symbols in hangul and I can read it for the most part but I barely have an idea of what is being said. And when I hear it, I understand it more but not by much :stuck_out_tongue:

I also really want to learn Portuguese this year, maybe up to the basics (???) I’ve started a little bit with the help of Duolingo but I need to take a lesson every day not every other week to make my goal :blush:

This past year my language goal was to take the C2 level exam in German and I did and I passed Speaking and Reading. This year I will work on Writing. I don’t want to stress myself with a deadline, but there is a test in October, so I can work towards that. Basically, I need to write an essay every week. Subbing is the wrong type of writing for the exam, unfortunately.

Another goal I had this past year was to learn Hangul, and I did. I have also learned about 100 words (speaking, hearing, reading, writing) and I notice them when I watch Korean dramas. When I was in Germany, I picked up a Learn Korean book in German–thinking that I might learn faster if I stay in the foreign language realm in my brain. I also want to find a place in San Francisco where I can take a Beginning Korean class. I think that would help me get the very basics down.

It’s really cool that you are studying German. German is my first language and I am working towards the C2 level exam in English and currently I am going through lots of vocabularies. But every time I see the sample answers in the coursebook I get discouraged… :smiley:
And yes, subbing is so different from writing essays so subbing doesn’t help me at all with that…

I actually also study Korean in English since there are more/better Korean workbooks in English. I also like learning another language in a forgeign language because that feels amazing :smiley:

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I actually also study Korean in English since there are more/better
Korean workbooks in English. I also like learning another language in a
forgeign language because that feels amazing

It does feel amazing. My brain feels more relaxed and I don’t seem to cancel out my other foreign languages while I’m learning.

Hi Everyone!
So I thought I might share this with everyone who has a language learning goal for this year. It is a link to the Add1 Challenge. I actually did this last summer and it is was a major contributor to helping me “level up” in Korean. From my experience… the hardest parts about learning the language isn’t the language itself, but making a commitment and sticking with it. The Add1 challenge is a group of language learners who support each other and help hold each other accountable. It sounds so simple and yet it is incredibly effective! It is much harder to slack off when you have 30+ people cheering you on and asking about your progress .
(This isn’t my program, but just something that worked for me and I’ll be happy to try answer and questions)

By the way, my personal language goal this year… pass my Korean exam at the end of January and take the TOPIK test (hopefully at the end of spring).


I wish i could do that. But with every situation in life in every corner. I’ll postpone this till im ready for it. I would like to try it out later. Thank You for telling me about this, I will share it with friends of mine.

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I know what you mean, life has a way of throwing a curve ball every now and then.
By the way, Good luck with Arabic!

Thank You. I really need it.
Thanks for understanding as well