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May I earnestly request that the Viki team work with the Language Reactor team to get them to make Language Reactor work with Rakuten Viki? You have such wonderful content for language study, but unless one is at an upper intermediate or advanced language level, without a tool like Language Reactor to allow one to collect words and study sentences, Viki is nearly useless as a language study tool, IMHO. Your Learn Mode was a nice try, and with some more attention it could have been much better, but it seems you’ve given up on it. Language Reactor’s features that allows you to export the words you click on and the associated sentences for use in flash card programs is essential, as well as their being able to automatically stop after each subtitle. If you can’t support Language Reactor, the next best thing would be to support the target language (and optionally host language) subtitle and sentence audio export, maybe similar to Language Reactor’s CSV or ANKI export format with optional sentence audio. Then one could still study the sentences in flash cards. Thank you.



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Viki was not conceived as a language study tool per se. And if this was part of the goal at the very beginning, it changed very soon after.
Although it can help a learner familiarize him/herself with listening to the language, and also, if a volunteer, to try one’s hand in translating. Learn mode was an attempt on that direction, but again it’s only for people who are already studying the language ELSEWHERE. If you’re a beginner, Learn mode will be … Greek to you,
A commercial video streaming site is not a portmanteau for everything we want to hang on it. Another person might say “Oh why doesn’t Viki make a section for storing recipes from Korea, China and Japan? Or of Korean, Chinese and Japanese art?”
Viki is primarily a place to watch and enjoy Asian video content. If that is also useful for those who learn the language (ELSEWHERE), it’s a bonus, but a secondary feature.
At least that’s my opinion.