Language with one moderator? How do we know that they really speak the language when Viki does´nt have a badge or a team?


And that’s why the cover wall for the project is so important sometimes (if it hadn’t been updated since the start of the project) - it registers who used to be a Mod for that language.

Otherwise mimosa can also take a look at the volunteer’s project list and look for projects without roles - those are the ones from which the person has been removed.

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The only thing is that for really old accounts you can’t 100% assume that since we used to be able to sub or seg without any official team role :see_no_evil:

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Being removed doesn’t necessarily mean someone is an abuser, though.


That’s true. Even if they were removed a couple of times.

But if you were not an abuser, you would probably go back to your old projects and try to finish them.

I was removed from several old projects because, as a newbie, my team leader at the time asked me to work on them. After I left the team, she kicked me out of everything because another subber was working on it, removing not only me but others as well.
This was a little revenge on her part


That’s why asking around is necessary


So you’re saying that if someone I know hasn’t stolen from my house, but has stolen from my friend’s house, it’s okay and I will still open my doors and welcome them?
There is a saying that he who will steal a needle will also steal a cow.
A person who is dishonest, sooner or later will also be dishonest in other instances.
Even if the person was translating Hindi in good faith, she was an abuser from any point of view.


Like Lutra said, trust. Also, if it’s a language that is so obscure… I mean to the point there is only one nation and only 300 people who speak it, you have to really wonder. I’m very wary of people who ask to translate something that is so far out and remote. And it’s usually these people who abuse the system. If they ask to translate in Martian, then I have to wonder, who on Mars is going to watch this drama. Probably nobody so why translate it?


And this… I’ve found countless people who are so overwhelmingly good in their native language but are insistent on editing or translating in another language. Why? Because of those gosh-darn badges. I’ve discovered many who try to get as many “language” badges as they can on their profile. Even if they are really good in their own language and do it so well. The competition is real for these badges. Badges are nice but they don’t determine how great of a person you are.

Maybe it’s because I’m old, who knows, but I feel that those who need to compete on Viki are the young ones. Same goes for the Leaderboard. It’s tiresome and doesn’t reflect my work or me as a person.


I actually meant to say “from our POV before exposing the abuse
Because until then, we assumed the person was punished for abusing in Hindi. This can easily be concluded based on initial replies on the concerned topic.
I should have been more clear with my initial comment. My bad.


Oh, sorry, then. I totally didn’t get it that way. I would delete the whole thing, but I’m leaving it because someone new might happen to read this thread and have the same reaction.


I found the collecting padges thing ridiculous, why on earth does the number of badges make someone look cool? Yes they are cute and they are nice to have, but come on!

If I’m not fluent in the language why would I sub it and for whom? The idea of volunteering is to make it easy for the people of our community to watch the shows and not to make other communities suffer of bad subtitling just to have another badge!