Last episodes of series 'problem'

I’m suddenly wondering if I’m the only one who sometimes doesn’t watch the last episode or until weeks later. I don’t know why I have this ‘problem’ because it’s not because I find the series boring, I don’t have time or anything but I simply don’t watch it. Right now I still didn’t watch the last episode of Witch Romance and although I’m curious how it ends (DO NOT SPOIL!) I didn’t get myself to watch it yet. I will do later but no idea when.

Does someone else have this problem too?

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Omg you are just like me =O High five :stuck_out_tongue:
That always happen with me! I skimmed through the last episode of a witch’s romance. But I can’t bring myself to watch it fully either :stuck_out_tongue:

For example I also watched Full house like a year ago? Till now I couldn’t get myself to watch the last episode. It happened on many dramas as well.

And even if I do watch the last episode… I keep on skipping parts till I end up finishing the 1 hour episode in like less than 10 minutes.

for me its that i dont want it to end… :frowning: or that im too lazy to finish it and take my time. and both. hahaha

Ohh yes that’s what I do sometimes too. Not only with last episodes but from all let’s say 50+ ep series I saw (quite a few) there is not one serie where I fully saw all episodes…LOL

And hurray I’m not the only one with this problem it seems :blush:

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Hahahhaha no don’t worry you are not alone.

Well I actually skip through all the dramas I watch but usually the last episodes I skip more parts than usual :stuck_out_tongue:

Like I just remembered that I still have to watch the end of protect the boss, can we love and cunning single lady and so many others that I can’t remember the name now… I loved all those dramas but I couldn’t really watch the end. Sometimes i don’t watch even the last 2 or 3 episodes.

That reminds me that i haven’t seen the last episode of multiple dramas…Cunning Single Lady, Secret Love Affair (although right now i’m “watching” it while i’m translating) and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I don’t know why. At least we’re all together in this. :smiley: My guess is that in romcom dramas you know the end, you know they’ll end up together. So it’s kind of predictable which may ruin the suspense.

I didn’t watch Secret love affair’s finale either.
Well I segged most of it :stuck_out_tongue: but I didn’t watch the whole thing with subs.

OMG, I’m happy I’m not the only one, even though Boys Over Flowers for example was like of the first asian dramas I ever started watching, it took me like 2 years to finish it. Likewise I have loads of dramas, I just quit when there were one or two episodes to go. It actually takes a lot of effort for me to get myself to go back to the drama, and see it through.Kind of frustrating, because of this habit my on-holds list is longer than it already is.