Lead females dont act like theyre in love i feel

I just have to vent about this to someone and you guys are the most fitting to vent to. :slight_smile: My problem with kdramas is that i feel like female leads are supposed to be in love with someone but alot of the time…they dont act like it. They say they like or love someone but they dont ever show any signs of infatuation and giddiness. They try to hide it or they try to act like theyre not in love or even if they admit theyre in love…the chracter just isnt showing it…AND I CANT CONNECT WITH THAT. I know all women are different but when youre initially in love, all women have this feeling of giddiness. Like right now Im watching masters sun and Tae yang actually has moments where she gets all happy and giggly and girly when thinking or seeing or interacting with him and that says love all over it and i can feel her crush for him. In episode 9 when she hears hes back from china, SHE PRACTICALLY FALLS OVER HER SELF TO SEE HIM because shes THAT in love. Then you have characters like moon gu youngs in Alice in Cheongdam dong and hes so in love with her and shes just like…bleh the whole time. Dont get me wrong I love her as an actress but her character was written really sorrily and that annoys me because she says she likes him but then…i dont see any signs of that. Yeah. What do you guys think???

I have actually never thought about this. But it really does seem to be true now that you mention it.
I always see the guys having their moments of thinking about her, giggeling, and whatsoever, but that barely ever happens with the girls!

Well, like you said, it depends on how the character is written (and to an extent, the actress’ ability to portray said character).

Some characters are written to be that person who gets very giddy at the idea of romance, others are written to be more reserved. That’s true to life as well. And besides, what love means to someone isn’t always the same…?

And about the initial giddy feeling all women are supposed to have - I suppose it’s not a matter of whether people feel it, but whether or not they’d show it.

Don’t know anything about Cheongcham dong Alice though, so no comment on that.

The only female lead character that I find very annoying till the end is Seo Mi DO in “When a man Loves”, she never shows love for him at all, actually the opposite, and he is just so good with her, I saw the hole drama but I never liked her at all