Learn some fun things in another language :D

I begin with French!

French word [pronunciation] = French’s word meaning
Don’t get confused!

-Fesse [face] = butt XD
In French, we use the word “face” with 2 meanings, one is butt, the other one is visage but different pronunciation. The English pronunciation for the word “face” = fesse in French that means butt!
I’ve heard an English man saying it to a woman: your face is really beautiful but in French, he said your butt is really beautiful… That was hilarious XD

-Fatigué [fat y (like ‘ee’ in ‘see’) gay] = tired (no offense)
-As [ass] = ace (playing cards)
(when playing cards with American ppl, the first time they heard it, they thought 'what is wrong with her card? or is she insulting me? XD)

French nowadays use some words by beginning at the end:
-Fou = Crazy
We say ‘Ouf’ [like in woof but delete w]

Really easy to remember!


lets see, kinda rusty . come’a’ sta" or is that spanish?
what I am trying is “how are you?” Yes a refresher course, french, spanish, german and anything in between!
comma’talivu ???

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Como esta! It’s Spanish!

Comment allez-vous ? It’s French :smiley:
[“Come-eon” (“eon” like in “annyeong”) alle (“alle” like in “alley” without y) voo?]

We also use “Ça va?” = How are you?
[Sa (like in sabrina) va (like in valkyrie)]
It’s easier than the first one.

wow did I ever mess up! thank you for corrections…comment allez vous!!! and merci

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