Learn the basic= disappointment

i decided to try out the new feature and within ten seconds of the vid starting i was seeing words defined incorrectly, or at the very least out of context. the korean words for taxation “and please give me” may be the same, i don’t know, but if this new feature can take context into account what’s the point?

I think a problem with the automated definition is that the system only looks up one word instead of the word in context. Also because there are many words which are spelled the same but have unique meanings. About 65% of Korean is of Chinese origin. Chinese is a tonal language-- so suppose there are seven tones to some dialects of Chinese. The same word said in seven different tones has seven different definitions. But Korean which centuries ago was a tonal language no longer is a tonal language. Now we are left with the seven words, all looking and sounding identical with seven different meanings. So the best we can hope for is the automated look up of definitions is more often correct than incorrect.
While the system is not perfect, I am very happy that the “learn mode” is now available. In the early days of viiikii.net, while we were subtitling, we could see the same line in several languages of our choice simultaneoulsy. At least with the Learn mode, all viewers can see two languages simultaneously.
And the Learn Mode is in a way returning to one of the intentions of the founders to use a fansubbing site to enhance language learning.