Learning and Teaching Languages

As we all know, Viki has hundreds of helpful people who speak all types of languages. These people are the ones who translate all the shows here to their respective languages. :slightly_smiling_face::wink:
On the other hand, there are other people who are trying to learn these languages.
I think it would be great if the native speakers of each language can help its learners by helping answer their confusing questions, so we can all help each other out. I know that every kdrama fan wants to learn Korean, and every fan of whatever country shows will feel encouraged to do so as well. :roll_eyes:
We can create new discussions for each language on which learners can post their questions and the native speakers can answer them. wouldn’t that be great?:astonished:
If someone wants to learn let us know, and the people who are ready to help can start new threads and link them here for everyone to find. :smiley:


This is a great idea, and you are so thoughtful to want to help others learn a new language. If anyone has questions about learning Spanish I can help out a bit, too. My native language is Spanish and my second language is English. I am not perfect in any of those two bc no one is perfect, but for sure I’ll try my best. Thank you.


And I forgot to say :sweat_smile:, I would love to help people who want to learn Arabic. If anyone is interested, please let us know! :grin: Even if you don’t know anything at all, we’ll help you get started.


Such a nice idea to open this thread!

Would be great if there is some kind of active language exchange in the future :revolving_hearts:


I’d like that Viki could let volunteers create videos to teach languages on their website (like videos to learn segmentation from nssa) and add more foreign content in their library so we could listen and practice pronunciation in many languages.
They’d be different courses and progressive levels.
It could be another mode of Viki next to Movies, Dramas and Variety Shows.

  • Then, we could have short clips of episodes just to focus on a theme (like how to say hello in Korean with different level of respect and they’d show us the clips). Or for ex a grammar point, they’d extract a scene and we learn from it.

-Then for each episode, we’d have some vocabulary, grammar points in a list.

  • They should also add the possibility to add words we meet during Learn Mode in a vocabulary list so we could create and play with our own flashcards.

  • Add Learn Mode for any language (from A language to B language, and not only Chinese or Korean or Japan?)

  • It’s a trend to learn languages. There are websites that make us pay to learn a language with series that are subtitled (it is like the Learn Mode).
    So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make another Viki pass for learning, but each video then have to be edited, they have to implement extra tools to make it a learning tool.


This is a Link to the Korean Learners discussion. Any curious Learner can head over there. Maybe we can all have fun together :smiley:


Great idea! I can also help with Arabic, French and Turkish :slight_smile:


Eu queria muitoooo aprender Coreano, estou começando a estudar em casa, porém é bastante complicado e aqui onde moro não tem ninguém para me ajudar nessa jornada. Se poderem me ajudar, ficaria eternamente grata.

Francês é d+++. Estou estudando em casa Francês, Inglês e Coreano, aqui é difícil conseguir professores, porém com dedicação vou conseguir.

Claro, querida, você pode aprender conosco.
Eu também estou tentando aprender sozinho e espero que todos possamos nos ajudar. Lamento não falar português, por isso usei o Google Tradutor para me ajudar a saber o que você disse e respondeu a você. Então, por favor, perdoe-me se houver algum erro. :slightly_smiling_face:

Este é o link para a discussão no idioma coreano. Se você tiver alguma dúvida ou gostaria de praticar, pode postar lá e talvez possa achar útil a postagem de outros alunos.
Mas permita-me que você traduza suas perguntas para o inglês antes de publicá-las, para que as pessoas possam responder com facilidade. Mesmo que você não saiba inglês, use um tradutor como eu.
Bem-vindo à comunidade de aprendizagem!

@ tweet998

The Google translate was great with this portuguese translation but when it comes to certain language like Korean, it doesn’t work too well. I think that to learn any language the best method is audio tapes. Sleeping while listening to them also work wonders in our brain. the younger the person is, the higher the chances of mastering the language.

I learned many sentences in Hebrew with audio tapes (I got them in the library and my niece bought me several as gift). I highly recommend that method. I never worry about how to write in that specific language but how to communicate in that language first bc if you need to help someone you at least can ‘‘communicate’’ with them.

I once helped an Italian tourist who was ‘‘lost’’ when a cop asked me to translate what she was asking him (some ppl. say I look Italian so I’m guessing he thought I was Italian) I was able to understand her since Italian has a lot of words that are similar in spanish, and I spoke to her in Spanish lol She understood most of it, and we were able to give her directions to her Hotel.

That is why I feel is best learn to speak the language first, and worry on how to write it later on.

I meant she should phrase the question in English instead of Portuguese and write the Korean parts in Korean if she already knows how to write it

I’m sorry but I am not familiar with what audio tapes are. I understand that you’re listening to someone saying something but I can’t imagine what it is. Can you explain what they contain?.

This maybe true for languages that are similar to each other. But from my experience with learning Korean, learning the Korean alphabet has been very helpful. English and Arabic (my native language) have very different sounds than Korean. Before I learned it I confused a lot of sounds thinking they were the same letter. They then turned out to be entirely different letters. So although listening is tremendously important and necessary I think the alphabet at least should be learned first. At least to help you recognize what letters and sounds you’re looking for.

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The audio tapes let’s say I should have wrote DVD tapes not audio tapes (sorry my bad about that) they are available in different language, and can be purchased online (I mentioned here in my area I have them available for free in the libraries in all USA).

The audio DVD’s first begin by teaching you/us the alphabet of each language , and then they start with whole sentences.The tapes are from beginners level, and you go up as you master the language. So far in Hebrew I stayed at beginners level and wasn’t able to move to other levels yet. I should have specified that this DVD include a small booklet with alphabet and some suggestion for faster learning etc…

I have a few DVD to learn Korean but I really find the language very hard to grasp/ learn, and can’t pinpoint as of yet, why. I know the fact that I’m way older, plays a very important key factor in learning a different language. I do know simple words in Korean and can understand a few Korean sentence, too. I watch so many dramas/movies from all over the world that I got used to relying on the subtitles and don’t put more effort into learning.

They spoiled us with subs and that’s not a good thing. What I do now is I remove the subs, and practice learning like that, too. I write in a piece of paper what I think the actor is saying on the scene and so far i’m only halfway right so I know I have a long way to go.

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