Learning Korean, Mandarin-Chinese, Japanese, etc

Hello, everyone! To give a little background, along with watching endless Asian dramas, a huge passion of mine is learning different languages and cultures. Having done Taekwondo for about 4 years, I especially love South Korea along with it’s language and histories. I’d love to meet other people of like-mind, too! And so, I made a Language Café Discord (Discord is a free app, website, and desktop app) The “café” basically a place that focuses on meeting and communing with other people for the purpose of language exchange/study. There’s chat sections organized by fluency level, a place to view and share resources, a KDrama recommendation area, and so much more. The main focus of the café will be Korean and English but is open to more languages such as Japanese, Mandarin-Chinese, ASL, and KSL (unfortunately I cannot help much with these languages yet but I can provide resources I myself am using for them). Trusted members can also become tutors or teachers depending on their skill level. I hope that you can join and have fun! Here’s the link to it:


I can’t find you on Discord under kNIGHT의 언 카패. That name doesn’t work on search. What is your name there?

The link wants me to create a new account rather than allowing me to add you to my other discord links.

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This is such a cool idea! I just joined it. It will be great to connect with other people learning Korean. I am just a beginner, so it will be nice if I can connect with other beginners like me.

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Hmm, if you can’t find the Discord feel free to friend and message me! This is my ID: knightri#4078