Learning Korean :)

Hi everyone,
Because in my other topic “Which languages do you know and which do you want to learn?” many mentioned they wanted to learn Korean so I thought let’s open this topic to help people :slight_smile:

As for myself I first bought the book “Hello Korean 1” years ago because learning Korean with Lee Jun Ki seemed fun. But it still took me a few years to actually begin.
I started learning Hangul with Korean Wiki Project and because that was a bit boring I also started to learn Hangul at Korean Class 101.
It took me about 2 days to learn Hangul and now I can read it but don’t understand what it means most of the times and sometimes I forget the special rules. Every once in a while I try to figure out what Korean celebs are tweeting about before I go to use an online translator.

Next tot hat I follow the lessons of TTMIK but I’m only at level 2 or 3, need to pick that up again :slight_smile: Also translating from Korean to English every now and then when I segment on Viki also helps me to learn Korean and remember what I learned so far :slight_smile:

Where do you learn Korean?


Let’s make a 2nd post for a list with resources :wink:

Naver online dictionary
Daum online dictionary

Sites to learn Korean
Korean Wiki Project
Talk To Me In Korean
Korean Class 101
Let’s learn Korean by KBS World
Go! Billy Korean
Learn Korean Language

Sweetandtasty (has lessons, KWOW and other info)
IstartKorean app for Iphone/Ipod Touch (Android version)
TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)
Cyber University of Korea (has Quick Korean)
Hangukdrama (blog of someone who learned Korean and gives tips, write reviews about study methods etc)


I’m learning in a college here, and also my dad bought me the Rosetta Stone Korean so I can learn better.

I also have a few books in .pdf format, to learn korean, so if anyone want them just give me your email so I can send them :slight_smile:


Thanks for the topic dudie! :slight_smile: Very useful!


@Dudie if you have any apple gadgets i would recommend you to try out the app “istartkorean” from mirai language systems or something like that as i remember, you just play the lessons and listen to them as much as you need wherever you are.
Pretty useful application!!

@Luzevedo you’re welcome. I thought this would be handy because there are so many sites to learn Korean so it’s sometimes a bit hard to decide which to use etc.

@Wafaahs I have an old Ipod Touch, Imac and my mom has an ipad. I was thinking of installing that program but it costs money and I’m not sure if it adds that little bit extra to learning Korean for me. Will add it to the list :slight_smile:

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Surprisingly, a Youtuber called SweetandTasty (same one as mentioned above) has segments called KWOW (Korean Word of the Week) that break down words, informal and formal ways of saying them, how to write them and when to use them. She really explains everything very well and simply so I love watching her vids.


I personally find that the books from Sogang University are quite helpful. I don’t know if any of you have encountered those books, but I recommend them.


I found them on ebay… I almost bought, but I didn’t know if they were actually good. Thank you for sharing your opinion on this!

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I really like this topic! I want to learn Korean too.
So far I know a little the alphabet(tons of apps on my ipod and android phone). To keep it in mind I even bought Korean/English keyboard stickers for my laptop ^^ love them. Sometimes I can read words but don’t know the meaning at all…well except the ones I heard a lot in dramas like oppa, eonni, i love you, i dont know, what should i do? etc. etc… I would like to buy a good book that can teach me from the basic. If anyone would like to recommend me one(ebay or good source).


Let’s see… It is starting to appear that I am a collector of Korean Textbooks/Workbooks, dictionaries, books and Aps.
Here is what I’m actively working in right now…

I’m on TTMIK Level 2, but still filling in the the Level 1 workbook. I’m also working out of Integrated Korean Text & Workbook.

As far as Aps. … I’m using Memrise. It help put vocab in context for easier memorization.
(although I actually have more apps than I can count. )

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i want it. ths is my email . kichiyusai@yahoo.com

Done, I’ve send the books

I started learning by myself in a website called KOSNET it is a Korean Government website xd, then I took clases on an institute and I learned the basics… Now I study myself in TTMIK (It is really a great website to learn korean) and I practice writing some things in Lang-8 (you get corrections from native speakers who are interested in learn your language…

I think that make some koreans friends will help you to improve your korean… I have some and they are useful, because they learn spanish and sometimes we talk in korean to practice.

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Hi there, it seems like this is an old post, but if you see this, I would love to utilize those pdf books as well. My email is: lolath90@gmail.com. Thanks in advance! =)

I picked up my studying again. Took a little break.
Normally I just use TTMIK but now I wanted to use my “Hello Korean” book and I spotted a mistake already. Does someone use this book too and can tell me if there are a lot of them?

The dialogue goes:
로이 씨는 어느 나라 사람입니까?
저는 홍콩 사람입니다.

Translation provided:
Roy, what country are you from?
I am a Cantonese.

It should say “I’m from Hong Kong”.

I can see what they are saying Literal translation would be “Which country person are you?” one might answer “I’m American” or “I’m Dutch”. More of a Nationality question than physical location.
However that’s not how the translation question is posed. Strange to say the least.

I have not used that book, but I’ve heard good things from others… I would take it with a grain salt and that it might be a little confusing.

BTW What level are you on TTMIK?

@Hesto Yes it was mentioned later that if you want to give your nationality it would be “네덜란드 사람” in my case. As you write country+person according to Hello Korean. I decided to ask a native to explain it and also asked how you say something like “I’m from The Netherlands but my nationality is Korean.”. Hopefully she does answer soon =)

First I had a hard time using that book specially because the cd is entirely Korean and for translations you have to go to the translation section and is mostly not provided under or next to the hangul on the lesson pages. But I finally found out how to use it and listening to Lee Jun Ki is fun. The book looks lovely too with some nice pictures of him and some info about Korea.

I thought I was done with level 2 but I’m actually at Level 2 lesson 2 right now… I took a break for a while since I couldn’t focus but now I try to study at least a few times a week. On what level are you?

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I may have to look that book up!

I took a little break and worked in my other books for a while. I’ll flip back over in a few weeks. In TTMIK I’m somewhere around Level 2 lesson 10.

Looks like we are pretty close to the same level! If you ever want someone to chat with in Korean feel free to message me!

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Here are some pictures from Hello Korean book:

And when you flip open the book you see this photo:

This is from the first book, there are two as far as I know.

Yes we are pretty close indeed. I’m almost at lesson 10. I noticed that sometimes I can skip a level because I already know some things from watching Kdrama and the like but I will listen and review them all.

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