Drama Vocab Quiz 😀


My Viki friend just sent me this test from Viki https://languagequiz.viki.com/
It was really fun to do this test with friends because it’s based on dramas, and surprisingly, they discovered that they know many words in Korean and Chinese thanks to dramas! They did it multiple times to improve their score XD

I also like a lot that there are charts and details on which word we got wrong/correct.
I absolutely love that these words can be directly found on dramas by clicking on the video and we arrive exactly at the right timing. I think it might invite people to watch these dramas to learn Chinese.
What I found cool is that each time we do the test, it’s a new set of words (among 6000 words!), so we can repeat it multiple times without being bored.

It would be nice if this tool could be developed, like having sentences from dramas for next levels or order tests by level of words and follow our progress and a system of rewards like our badges and also a challenge mode with friends so we can play all together on the same list of words. For each drama where words were taken for this test, it would be enjoyable to have a list of words that we can learn/meet when watching this drama. At the place of the Timed comments tab, if there’s an option to have a list of words that would scroll down with the timing of the video. An app for mobile would be also welcomed.

Thanks to people who built this language test :ok_woman:


Yes, is wonderful learning tool if you apply to it, by making notes in a notebook. I thought I knew a lot of words in Korean but it turns out, I don’t know much at all. I was shocked to the core. I am determined to give this new thing a fighting chance and see how much more words I can learn from it.

The learn mode method has been very, extremely, disappointing to me. The translations at times are wrong, or they are not there at all. It needs a lot of revamping/ looking into by experts bc something is really wrong in there.I lost interest bc I hate having doubts whether the translation is correct or not.

thanks for sharing this.

That either didn’t work for me or I just missed the word :smile:

What a nice thing you just made me discover ! :slight_smile: I love it ! :heart_eyes: I’m going to do this test oftenly, lol !
Indeed, I also love the details on the answers.


Normally, at the end of the test, you arrive on a page with your score and when you scroll down the same page, you can see pics of drama videos where your missed words in the test were taken from but it’s not every word that we missed, it’s just a few (quite a pity). And when you click on it, it will redirect you on the episode on Viki at the right time where actors are saying this word.

Maybe you had 30/30, that’s why you didn’t have pics of dramas :smile_cat:
(You’re ready to subtitle in English :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

We can’t save words neither to review them back later or listen to them again at the end of the test.

Yes! the detailed of your wrong answers, are so perfect bc it goes into full detail on your weakness in the Korean language. Besides, they write the words and the correct translations, which you can write down in your notebook and learn from them. The best, truly the best!

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This is very cute and I also like the fact that it takes you to part of the drama where the word came from.
But just be forewarned that I’ve noticed that there are several inaccurate or ambiguous answers in Korean vocab test.

I’ve only taken the quiz twice and already found 3 different sets of words/answers that were at best ambiguous/questionable. For example, for one Korean word, two of the choices could be the correct answers depending on the context it’s used. For another word, the answer was just plainly wrong. The 3rd one sort of had the correct answer but the English word that they chose to use as an answer could mean a lot of other things and it wasn’t descriptive enough to be used as a definition for that particular Korean word.

I sent the PM to Viki with the actual words with explanations so hopefully they will review them.


Thank you so much for mentioning that. I appreciate that so much since I was so confident in the words translation accuracy.

Is there anything else you can suggest to us?

They (viki) take forever to fix things. Learn mode is a good example of that. I gave up on that one.

I was so happy that I was finally going to advance a little more in Korean Language… :cry:crying:

There already are other discussions on the topic of “Learning Korean” which has a ton of resources that you can check out.





Thank you, I will check them out today. Thanks for sharing.

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I think this is fun, I just get confused between the usage of “r” and “l” like “a-duel or a-duer”… and good is “joh eun” or i-deug?? It’s a start but I wonder if it needs more accuracy, of course maybe some words depending in context might mean something else… I haven’t really studied any Korean, just the repeated hearing on dramas and sounding to writing is another process :laughing:
(Overall I think this an interesting concept)



Is there a secure link? :lock: This link is unlocked, :unlock: making it vulnerable, and any user’s device an easy access.

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