Learning Korean :)


Hi, guys. I’m from Seoul in South Korea and now studying Engineering in the UK.
I can guess how you guys feel when you studying a foreign language. ^^
I admire your enthusiasm for learning Korean. Therefore, I will tell you some online websites to learn Korean.
I hope they would help for your studies.

한국어 능력 시험 사이트

한글 공부 사이트
*한국어기본개념과 실용회화를 공부할 수 있음.
*영어, 독일어, 프랑스어, 스페인어, 아랍어, 러시아어, 인도네시아어, 중국어, 일본어로 번역되어 제공.


Got feedback from a native and she said that country+person means nationality. So she does ask for his nationality not the country. And as for Hong Kong, some say they are Chinese, some Cantonese and some Hong Kongers or something like that so it isn’t the best country to pick for this sample dialogue.
When you want to ask which country are you from you say “어느 나라에서 오셨어요?” better change that in my book before I forget the translation is wrong hahaha.

감사합니다 @Soton , I already know a few sites you mention but let’s check the others later =)


Korea Curated is going to be launching a Korean language learning subscription box soon. We will send subscribers anywhere in the world a months worth of lessons, learning materials and fun stationery and stuff to study with. You can visit and scroll down to the bottom to sign up for our newsletter and we will send you news of our launch.


I don’t really know sites, books etc for beginners but there are some ways I practice my Korean. I’m not a beginner anymore, but I dont’ really know how to continue studying really however, thereis a site that I sometimes use to practice my korean knowledge. It’s not a learning site, but a site with Korean lyrics to songs. So I sometimes search for songs there and try to see how much I can understand from it.

I also read Korean children books and with a pencil I underline the sentences I can understand. And I use really much. Recently I download an app called Korean listening practice. It’s suitable for beginners and advanced. There are short dialogues on it and broadcast from the KBS news. It’s good to listen to, but I could only download the newsbroadcasts which is already advanced level and not the conversations.

I hope this is helpful to anyone .


I found… the KOSNET site too easy.
I knew about the TOPIK exam and figured that being Korea there must be lectures on TOPIK.
If you’re at a level where you can listen to raw videos in Korean and be ok, but don’t have a firm grip on things (applies for most legacy speakers).
This link is great:


I really really like this type of topic because i want to learn korean language as well, i’ll just watch in youtube to learn korean language but its not compatible to learn very well! so I am excited in this kind of topic :relaxed:


I’m Korean and have made some videos with kdrama for helping Korean learners.
I’m searching what kind of videos youguys need to study Korean.
Please. Let me know them to plan new series.


If you have an android device, eggbun is good for learning stuff like hangul and the basics.

If you’re a more intermediate learner grammar haja is a good app too(I think it’s only on android)

Also: (good for beginners to advanced learners) (for intermediate learners) (for intermediate learners)


I found this youtube series and I think it’s very good.
It’s called 바른 한국어 and it has different grades called 급 So if you’re an absolute beginner you start from 1급 and if you already know some more you can start from 2급. In 2급 lesssons you learn together with a foreign student, which is very fun.
The lessons are spoken entirely in Korean but the teacher speaks very clear and slowly so it’s not difficult to follow. And you can always turn on English or Korean subtitles.
Here is the link to the second lesson, so that you can see how it works (the first one was the Hangul alphabet)

And it’s also available for Spanish language learners:


There really is too many resources for learning Korean ><

If you wanna just ask a quick question about the language like “how do you say ___” or what does “___” mean, hinative is a good app to download ~

And if you want to look up pronunciations of words is a good site. They have native speakers doing the pronunciations. The only thing is not all of the words are being pronounced on there ><


I like naver. Naver also tells you how to prnounce things. ^^


The website and phone app Memrise is really good to learn korean i’ve been using it for 4 days now and I can also read korean and write (I still do little mistakes in writing though) but do not always understand what it means but it’s definitely a good website/app to learn korean and I recommend it to whoever wants to learn the language.


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Hey, there is an app called MOONDLY very interesting, you can easy learn every language you want, has everyday tests, weekly tests at the end of every week…Try it ! Good luck…


Would be so awesome if you could send me any or all of the .pdf books on learning korean you have XD I just recently decided to start learning Korean and would love to have a bigger resource pool to pick up things from

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I hope you’ll have the time and inclination to send me them and I thank you in advance should you choose to do so

Thank you very very much XDDDD

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