Learning Korean :)


Hi dudie,

Thanks for sharing. Are all of these free resources to learn Korean ??? I am on a budget…:disappointed_relieved:


Hi @ady_313,

They’re all free :slight_smile: I highly recommend Talk To Me In Korean. It has so many resources and a pre-established curriculum that you can follow from the beginning to the advanced level.

Also, not sure where you live, but there’s a website called Abebooks that helps you find the cheapest copies of the books you’re looking for on Amazon. I was able to buy my Integrated Korean textbook for about $8 CAD and Colloquial Korean for $5. Both are used but show very little wear and tear.


No worries. It happens to the best of us.

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Awesome! Thanks so much youraverageangel ! :blush:


I like books with animation can you recommend some books like that for me?


Hey Folks!

I am glad to announce that Viki has updated the new Learn Mode feature to improve it based on the feedback from a lot of you. You can now use learn mode to support your language learning endeavours for both Chinese & KOREAN! The feature still includes favorites like dual subtitles and segment navigation.

In addition though this new update includes the following:

  • Learn mode is now available for any subtitle language with more than 50% subtitles for a video. This means that you can now learn Korean or Chinese even if you are not an English speaker. This opens a lot of interesting language combinations such Korean-Spanish or Chinese-French & many more!

  • The UI has now been revamped to make the text more readable & easy to understand.

For more information on using learn mode please refer to:

Here are a few titles for which learn mode is available, so get started today!

From Korea:

Boys Over Flowers

The Legend of the Blue Sea

My Love from the Star

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Kill me, Heal me

From China:

My Sunshine (Director’s Cut) 何以笙箫默

The Lost Tomb 盗墓笔记

My Best Ex-Boyfriend 最佳前男友


You could add two Korean films,
The Wedding Day
and Kinship

The dual subtitles (Korean+other language) do work fine. But hovering with the mouse, a word becoming highlighted while the video pauses, and stuff being shown… nope, it doesn’t happen.


Hi, I know this post is old, but would you be so kind as to still send me the .pdf files, if the offer still stands.
My email address is
Thank you in advance


There is an app called k-drama that help you learn with actors from your fav kdramas. It is so much fun :blush:


Stickers for the keyboard? Great idea!


:pray: awesome. Cool


Cc est tu coréen ?


A website with Korean learning resources from a self-learner:

Using Viki Learn Mode (after reaching a certain level) and other tips from a self-learner:


I use Duolingo it really helps and I’ve learnt a lot from it and you can also learn different languages on it


Man…I would love to learn Korean one day so well so that way I can take my best friend there and see all the amazing places there! :grinning:


I want to do the same thing!! :sweat_smile: Both my best friend and I are kdrama addicts, and we’ve been planning that for months now :joy: though we’re so broke we might have to swim to get there


and your best friend of course is you. yes I am learning Korean too


I am broke too lmaooo but I might wanna start saving and learn that language. :grin:


are any of you using penpal type apps to learn Korean with a partner and teach them your language? I’m thinking of joining one and wondering if anyone here has any experience/ feedback about them?


No, I haven’t used that app to learn Korean with anyone. I hope to try that and maybe find someone who also has any experience. :slightly_smiling_face: