Lee Jong Suk & Kwon Nara DATING?!?!?

RECYCLED??? But food trucks and celebrities’ in the same agency are “clues” as per this article https://lovekpop95.com/2021/04/16/breaking-kbs-reporter-kim-yong-ho-lee-jong-suk-and-kwon-nara-are-dating/

Sad 98 Mansion Cafe is closed down due Covid.

Hmmm…I don’t have any news yet of Lee Jong Suk these days. The recent story I’ve read last January about him was casting news only from this article https://www.kdramapal.com/lee-jong-suk-talks-join-upcoming-action-film-decibel/

And this is the IG acct of Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara’s agency https://www.instagram.com/amanproject2018/
The agency has 3 artists only, them and Kim Hee Won

Lee Jong-suk’s IG:

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