LEGEND OF MERMAID need subtitles

I am waiting for this series to watch but its all episodes are not subbed.Can anyone provide english subtitles to all episodes?

Kindly add english subtitles to chinese drama 2013 - LEGEND OF MERMAID.

Is it Chinese version of Legend of the blue sea?

Oh. Yeah…that’s not going to happen.

See, you’re brand new here…and so you probably haven’t heard that the SUBBED videos…a lot of them - from some fan channels - yes, like YOURS…were deleted.

The GREAT DELETION of December 22, 2016.

In case you had not really looked at the page - I did. They had already done segmenting AND several episodes…had your subtitles already.

But since nobody got a license for this drama - well, the videos were removed without warning by VIKI 12/22/16 on a LOT of dramas = yours wasn’t FULLY subbed. But a lot of the dramas were.

So you join fans there of the mermaid - and fans of Go Princess Go…Novoland…The Four (2015)…and MANY more dramas.

All that work by volunteers - who do the subs. Yeah. Volunteers are FANS LIKE YOU.

They wanted to do the subs…to share the drama with the world. They gave their time and talents.

But it’s gone.

so welcome to the arctic blast of reality. :frowning:

We still haven’t been told WHY.

so now you know. :frowning:


I dont know why but now all episodes of legend of mermaid chinese drama 2013 has been removed? I was waiting all episodes to be subtitled but it was suddenly removed [all episodes].