Lesser Known K-dramas and Overrated K-dramas!



  • Love 020. Back then, it was the most viewed modern drama in China.:roll_eyes:



Feel the same, it appears extremely polished to me, characters without edges.

Heirs - from today’s viewpoint seems like a solid story, but yes it was hyped a lot, viewer ratings were high and product placement in every corner of the drama.

Well I can’t tell about the newer “underrated dramas” since I do not follow the communication about it any longer. For The Greatest Love, when it aired it was on high demand here, and we all went crazy, should we root for “Recharge” or “Doc”, but it is possible over the years younger viewers might not be too interested because of the actors, there is no idol to lure them in. Yoon Kye Sang doesn’t count for the young ones.

As for the other 2 it is possible that there are fewer viewers because for the same reason and no fantasy but “real” fiction. Nonetheless, I like my underrated drama more than most of the overrated.


Overrated: the drama started with a BANG and left like a stinking F*rt. Something that had so much potential became a joke when they change things with every critic the public made. The actress once the male voice was ‘‘removed’’ started acting like a man/walking like a man in a exaggerated way, so it took a lot from the drama. A total disappointment. THAT’s My Opinion. The Chinese version turned out to be better although not perfect; it flowed better and ended better.


I loved Mr. Queen, it was not really a good story , but it was hilarious !



It was hilarious at the beginning but it died down, and they failed to make the funniest scenes like the Chinese drama did. A man going through labor pain and giving birth. The curses, the hair pulling that was hilarious.


What is name of the Chinese version ? Thanks in advance.


@anthonyparker80_342. Is a bit too long so I skipped some parts.

GO PRINCESS GO. You need to see the whole story not bits and pieces like they have here.