Lesser Known K-dramas and Overrated K-dramas!

Let me start with overrated ones:

  1. It’s okay to not be okay!
    I know I will be attacked for feeling this drama is overrated but like really did not like it. It was so fucking noisy. The screaming really irritated me a lot. Really Sorry!

  2. It’s Okay, That’s Love.
    The concept of schizophrenia is pretty old. And I have seen better implementation of same. The climax of hallucination having same age is copied from the movie A Beautiful Mind released in 2001 whereas this drama was released in 2014.

  3. Oh my Ghost!
    I really could not differentiate whether he loved the ghost or the female lead. Why does this drama have an 8.1 rating???

What dramas do you feel are overrated?

Lesser known ones:

  1. Tomorrow with you
    Decent drama to watch. Not bad.

  2. Love affairs in the afternoon
    Umm based on cheating husbands and wives but felt very real.

  3. Your house helper
    For those who love to watch romantic k-dramas without much twists and with simple lives. This one can be watched.

Others like Touch your heart and Because this is my first life should be appreciated more than they are right now! Even Bubble Gum doesn’t have a lot of story to it but romance genre lovers can watch it.

Let me know your views.


I had been thinking of the same thing since yesterday.
I feel True Beauty is really overrated. Let’s get straight to the point, people are watching this because of Eun Woo, isn’t it?
Take out Eun Woo and maybe, In Yeob too, all the my favorite cast reviews will disappear as if they never existed. Looking at the reviews of the show, I feel no one wants to acknowledge that there are lots of other actors too in the drama.

Eun Woo is a good actor, no doubt, but there is no versatility in his role, is anything different from My ID is Gangnam Beauty? He falls in love with the FL because of the dance, common to both the dramas, he had a childhood crush on FLs from both the dramas, they suddenly lost contact and met again after FL changed her looks. He had a broken family and has a broken family once again.

The guys had a friend who died. Isn’t this from School 2017? One became a bad boy and the other the class’s sunshine.

The relationship between the leads, isn’t that common in every second show, a girl suddenly meets a boy, the girl tries to distance herself from the boy, the boy’s (ex)best friend falls in love with the girl, the girl chooses the first boy over the best friend.

I have already seen Moon Ga Young in Waikiki 2, she was good, but here, she is just impersonating her character from Waikiki 2 once again (personal opinion, I totally can’t see her as Im Ju Gyeong, looking at her makes me feel she is the same character from Waikiki)

The only reason I watch this show is because of the Im family. The family is amazing and shouldn’t be missed.
Isn’t the show made to highlight everyone is beautiful? Is everyone with specs ugly? Seo Jun’s sister wears glasses when she is ugly and takes them out when she is beautiful, don’t forget the acne, are acnes ugly too? What I feel is, the show is stereotyping people with acne and specs.

I skip the scenes with the leads, those scenes are slow, cheesy, and over the top.

One more thing that bothers me is the length of their uniform’s skirt. I mean, I am not an old ancient lady taunting at girls for their choice of clothes but if you watch carefully, I’ve seen Ga Young and Yoo Na try to cover their bodies by dragging their skirt a little bit lower so many times.

I didn’t read the webtoon so my opinions are solely based on the show.

Then, Mr. Queen is not getting the right attention it deserves. Shin Hye Sun is the most versatile actress and she takes on different roles rather than sticking to one. Who can ace the role of a blind ballerina, a violist, a seventeen-year-old in thirty years old’s body? There are so many actresses out there who are famous but they just do that one same role in every drama and here she is doing what others might find difficult to do.

Even though this show is a remake and I didn’t watch the original show, I can say, this one might overpower the original. The timing of this drama is gold. It’s not easy to blend the body and soul of two different actors into one character. It’s excellent to see perfect voice tones from the modern guy and expressions from the queen in scenes where she thinks in her mind.
The actor who stays with the Grand Queen Dowager is amazing too. Just looking at him gives the feeling that he is acing his role perfectly. The show is made to the finest details, from the use of Hanja and Hanguel to the wedding and the pond. Even the Royal Kitchen looks the best.
The comic timing is perfect too.


I agree with you about Mr. Queen.

True beauty is pure high school romance and the cute actors makes me wanna watch it and ofcourse because I like these innocent romance dramas that’s why. And yes, Eun Woo has similar roles across dramas. He gives off the vibe of a calm and composed pretty boy who is bound to fall in love with an average girl.

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“Mr. Queen” is cheered on YT almost like “Bridgerton”, please do not underestimate.
And in SK itselfs it causes discussions, see here:

(I don’t remember the scene, I have to look again.)

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Ehm…? WHAT?

By the way, acne is really disgusting. It’s an infection, an eruption of toxins which want to get out. Who wants to kiss puss-filled boils on the loved one’s face or even go near them in order to kiss lips? Ewwww!
We all had it in our teens (in lesser or greater degree), and we all hated it. I hope you’re not trying to say acne is beautiful. The only good thing about it is that it won’t last forever. Even if it appears exactly at the age when you want to attract someone. Extremely bad timing.
Glasses detract from a person’s beauty, that’s also a fact. Especially the big ones that they put on drama characters in order to emphasize the difference when they eventually take them off. There are some cool, fashionable glasses which are better, but still there’s nothing better than no glasses. Nobody says that people with glasses ARE ugly, but the glasses make them ugly. However, contrary to acne, it is very easy to solve, so it’s a non-issue.

The show is crap, surely. Barely watchable and, you’re right, we are there with the sole purpose of cleansing our eyes with Cha Eun-Woo’s surreal beauty. But even that can’t keep us interested for 16 episodes when there’s barely anything else.

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I strongly disagree in some points.


It’s okay to disagree. Each one of us is unique and we can have our own opinion.

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I actually meant they should not be stereotyped as being ugly. As you said, everyone has them once in their lifetime. They are natural and not something too out of this galaxy or alien to humans.

Considering acne as a scale for being ugly is similar to some societies cornering women just because they menstruate.

One of my classmates from high school started wearing specs in her senior year, she was already beautiful and the specs were just like icing on the cake.


The k-drama standard for ugly is large red patches on your face + some acne or pimples + undone/un-styled hair. Removing glasses and getting make up and hair done is always the usual method for transformation of female lead.

Glasses can make one look very sexy though. Depends which ones you choose.


I know. It creates stereotypes…

Honestly, I look worse without my glasses on…I have small eyes and pimples keep popping up near my cheeks which are all effectively covered up with my thin black-framed glasses. It also gives a ‘done’ look to my face (idk how to explain it) and I don’t need mascara to get my eyes to look normal.
It depends on the glasses and you-- if they suit you, they make your face and look way better. I’ve always hated the remove-your-glasses-and-that’s-a-makeover trope. Get glasses that suit!!


Yep, True Beauty and Love O2O(c-drama) are such overrated dramas…from the summary of True Beauty itself it seemed like a remake of My ID Is Gangnam Beauty.
I know this is only for k-dramas but I’m honestly a little mad over the 16 hours I wasted on Love O2O because of its high rating I thought it would get better, but in the end it was just complete cliche.

this is so true, all the pretty-boy actors are what make cliche high-school dramas even close to watchable.
I hope Go Back Couple isn’t underrated, because it’s a beautiful drama about second chances and mature love.
I think Psychopath Diary should be a little more popular, Yoo Shi Yoon did an amaaazing job, even though there was next to zero romance. I wanted those reviewers to stp caring about the romance, the drama itself had so much more to offer.
PLEASE NOTICE Kiss Goblin!!! It’s a piece of complete fluff but it’s done so weLL!!!
Also it’s my own personal opinion, but I’m Not A Robot doesn’t get as much as it deserves.


I’m Not a Robot really deserves more!


Descendants of the Sun is beloved, but to me, that drama really wasn’t good. Definitely overrated.


I think a better comparison is to “The Great” (the Hulu Orginal series about Catherine The Great) than “Bridgerton”, since the latter is based on a work of fiction and both the “The Great” and “Mr Queen” are based on real historical figures.

I really liked all three series (“The Great”, “Bridgerton” and “Mr Queen”) but I still think the criticisms levied against them are valid, although they did not affect my enjoyment of the series since I didn’t go in expecting historical accuracy of any sort beyond they looking old timey. I imagine they are a historians nightmare though :joy:

Radiant is so underated…one of the most unique dramas of any type I have seen


Radiant was shocking to me. It was advertised as a romantic comedy, but was quite depressingly beautiful. My expectations of what the drama was going to be were the biggest barriers to me enjoying that drama to the fullest, but the twist at the end was a nice payoff


I know. The plot twist was amazing yet technically sound. Even though was definitely a fantasy but there no gaps. But I cried so so much while watching this drama.


Have you guys watched Awaken? The suspense was really amazing though they stretched out the story in an irregular manner and the ending was as usual a little disappointing.

Radiant = fantasy? I would say fiction, yes. Fantasy is too farfetched for the story, as there are no unicorns, fairies or pixie dust.

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