Let's Eat 2 (Spoiler Warning)

Hey fellow fans of Let’s Eat! I think it’s important we discuss the upcoming sequel or prequel, Let’s Eat 2.

I’m having a hard time figuring out how they’re going to approach this since Goo Dae Young (actor and all) is still in it, but we have a new female lead and male lead. As we know, Lee Soo Kyung and Goo Dae Young are the main couple, but now she’s nowhere to be seen. She’s not even listed as a cameo. Do you think this will be a prequel of before Lee Soo Kyung moves into the apartments, or did the two of them break it off (after all the drama they went through to be together) making him return to the carefree bachelor we know and love?

It says it begins on April 6, 2015. I need to know!

Feel free to discuss any other topics as well! :o)

I read that he moves out of his last flat (from Let’s Eat 1) somewhere but I’m not sure how correct that info is. Going by that they’ve either broken up or TVN’s not bothering with continuity. I really don’t like the sound of both those options :frowning:

I hope they sneak her in somehow and she’s a surprise for viewers–but I know that the actress and others from the first one decided not to return, so either way I’m sad.

I totally agree.
I think they are taking a risk by taking out so many of the original elements, that made the first one great.

It is going to break my heart if they just broke up. I loved Let’s Eat season 1! I loved the couple. I really love Yoon Doo Joon but if this is after and he just jumps into a new love, I am going to feel like he is a cheater. I am really nervous they are going to ruin the first one for me by making him hook up with someone else. I will never be able to rewatch the first one again. Maybe Yoon Doo Joon will be an unsuspecting second lead. I could accept that. It would be ok if he looks interested because he is nice to her, thus causing confusion for her and jealousy for the lead male but in the end, it is revealed he still has a woman in Seoul and he thinks of the leading lady as a younger sister.
The other issue I have with the info I have seen so far, is that the mystery is gone. I do not think there is a crime back story. Due to that, will it lack excitement? From what I read it is supposed to be a story that shows how young people bond together to help each other out in their situations in life. So more on the serious touching side?
I loved the attorneys and am actually sad, that they are not getting their own spin off instead of Goo Dae Young.

I recently just watched lets eat .It was really great !I loved the plot of the show . Especially the music played throughout the show.Acting performed by all the characters was really good . Unfortunately when I clicked to watch season 2 I found out that the originL cast HAS BEEn REPLACED!!!How could they replace the main characters? And the character goo date young meets another girl !!! I know longer like his character because i felt he betrayed lee sooKung .How could he just leave lee soo kyung? How could they just break up ? Major disappointment and I feel upset that the show has ended !!!