Let's meet on social networking sites... :D


Ahhhhhh now i get it…
Schwarzwald haha also just 2 hours far from where l live. I am sure it was beautiful there


It was! I was there for a month, was part of a team for a retreat :wink:
The impression about Germany I’ve got that time was that it’s clean, tidy and organised :smiley:
Oh, and the chocolate!!! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
And it was the first time I learnt to play Ligretto. LOVE that game!



How old are you Miss if i may ask


Ahahahahahaha BABY!!!


Yeah the chocolate… My biggest problem here hahaha
Yes Germany can be beautiful but it’s always cold here so the weather is not thaaat good…
Where are you from if I may ask? : )


I live down under in Middle Earth, New Zealand.
But I’m Indonesian


Hey don’t tease me

Uniieee @Wafaahs Save me


After a while on viki I want to visit many places hahaha
I hope I will get the chance to do so one day


Here, here… have some


you were wels facebook friend so i added you : $


Gesti is on my friend list too but she said she hardly check her fb. Too busy with Viki maybe hahahahaha
Tagging @gesti_lagi


For me all under 25 years old is a baby.

Hi aurora ^^


Ohh i didn’t find her…
I don’t use facebook much either… twitter way more…

@dramaaaaa @Mirle Yek i cannot help you Lol… i am as much a baby as you… I’m 18… but at least i am legal x.x …


Aaaahhhh… mmmmm just call me Unnie jejeje


Yummm we really need chocolate this week with all the depressing episodes everywhere xp



hahahah i am so disappointed unnie

unnie @Mirle at least I am a cute dongsaeng and baby hahaha


Thank youu ^^
I don’t really like my name…even for an arab it’s weird… but still it has a nice meaning


Here i’m

I missed somthing?


Oh, no chocolate?
how about this:


hahahhahah lee seung gi!!! : D
Yek such a cute face can’t scare me ; )