Let's meet on social networking sites... :D


I’ve met many people here on Viki that i really love… but i don’t really seem to be able to chat with them or share thoughts very much… it’s usually the usual viki work chats…

I would love to get to know you guys better…
So those of you who have no problem in sharing there personal information here(or even in a pm) it would be nice to share my thoughts with you on twitter or facebook or whatever…
Looking forward to meeting you ^^


Hey!yeah it would be nice, i’ve been a member here since October 29, 2012 and i’ve just discovered this place ;.; and i would be very happy to know you all


Hi Wafaahs,

To start, how I can call you? I’m Mirle (mary) nice to meet you ^^


Well it hasn’t been long since viki introduced this discussion part of the site…
I noticed you’re from Maghreb… I’m from Lebanon … Nice to meet you ^^


Hey Mary…
Well my name is Wafaa actually… I know it’s hard to pronounce since it’'s in Arabic x.x
Nice to meet you too ^^


Yes im from Morocco,my grandfather was from there.Nice to meet you Wafaa,I’m Nada :slight_smile:


That was sooo cute x.x

Yeahh i also would like to be friends with everyone around here…
How come we always match chingu ? xp


hahaha don’t know unnie
Maybe soulmates? hahahah
whatever it is I love you


I love you more!!! <3


Hi Wafaa,

Wafaa is name to man or woman? o.O


Hi dramaaaaa…

up´s, I think there are many A, I´m mirle from Mexico ^^


Hahahahah no for a woman…
It’s a really old name which means loyalty…


hahahahah . I don’t know the A’s either
My friends call me " Yek"
It could sound a little bit weird, but since my teachers also call me like that I am used to that name hahaha

I am 17 years old and from Germany ^^
btww how are you ? : D


@Wafaahs: You’ve found me on fb already LOL
I was quite surprised!


She’s a stalker, don’t wonder about that hahahahah


oooo Germany! I went to a place called Allerheiligen on 2004. Beautiful place!


Oh I think I now where you went !!
was it perhaps near " Bodensee?" If yes… I was there too with my class and it’s wonderful there…
I have to drive for 2 hours to go there haha
Next time come and visit me : D


Ah, Beautiful I love.

Well, I’m maria maria and tell me and means maria jajaja…


Oppenau, I think


17 years old,You’re baby Yek