Let's meet on social networking sites... :D


hi fefe. u are welcome


thanks ^-^ what’s your name?


do u mean on social networks? my name is victoria


Okay guys I just discovered line and I’m getting addicted to it :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone wanna join me and chat?? ^^


wat is line?


Yes I would love to join you on line xD


Yeay i wanna join ! I love this app although i use whatsapp more. Can we make a group or something?


Yes I thing we can x) that would be great if we do it ^^


It would be great to have a group…
I think line is better than whatsapp although everyone use what’s app here …
PM me ur ids or numbers ^^


Hi! How are you? Nice to meet you!!
My facebook is: Please, before asking me to be contacts, we have to be pennpals friends during some time.
My skype is: axafrati My email: Tell me who you are (and from where we know each other) before adding me.
I am a man from Argentina. My complete name is Axel Alvarez Frati. I am 37 years old and I look still young. I am pharmacist but not working in pharmacies, but I worked in hospitals, now in industry, I became recently also a provider of filters for water, and I am waiting for a work in public health system that perhaps soon (some months) I would be able to begin. I have both nationalities: Argentinian and Italian, because I have Italian blood too and Argentina allows having more than one nationality. Italian blood is too appasionate for some people, like Koreans can be also many times.
I try to be a better traditional catholic man, I try to follow Bishop Marcele Lefebvre who only follows catholic traditional mandatory teachings and not modernism. I also try to follow Saint John of the Cross’ teachings, and progress to the way of his “Mount of perfection” doctrine. I’m not sure if my vocation is marriage or religious life “half-eremitical”. I am proudly virgin. I would like (specially) female pennpals friends who like korean dramas, accept my religious ideas, as well as my love for Korean sauna (as something fraternal, male-bonding, not looking for consenting any homosexual thing). Perhaps a meeting in a public and safe place too (in real life).


I know u don’t know me, but I just want to say : “HELLOOOOOOO !” :smiley: (sorry, I’m crazy…)


No hahahahha you’re not crazy . Cause if you are crazy I don’t know what I am sooo


Hello there!!! ^^
I’ve seen you around somewhere i think…:stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, We worked together on one or more projects. :slight_smile:


I love ur gift

So We are crazy ? :smiley:


Ahhh i remember now!!
Lol excuse me i usually forget a lot x.x I’m such a fish head:/


It’s alright ! xD I forgive u :slight_smile:


Yess we are. Definitely hahahahaha


… we can be happy that we don’t forget our head … that’s what mom is always saying to me



Anyway, crazy person are the best ! xP