Let's Riot-- Submit your Stolen Subs Story!

So, one day, you’re just going to sub a show that you subbed yesterday, until, Horror squeaky music

user: SomeoneElse!!

What’s your story and is this a big or small issue for you? If so, how would you submit feedback to VIki about this?

I don’t really like subbing, so I’d probably make a big deal out of someone re-writing my subs, especially if there was nothing wrong with it, and they just neglected to refresh the page and see that my work was already submitted. I’d feel wronged, because it takes time and brain effort to subtitle something.

I should have stayed up subbing the American 60s. Ish movie, D.O.A. I love subbing English (esp brit shows. :slight_smile:
I could have sworn that I’ve seen you on a channel!!

Usually, every other week I sub (I sub like everyday!!) , some lucky bastard leaves his obvious mark. Delete a little this… readd… and voila! It’s mine!!
Like you said, this may it may not be a big deal, but it’s a lot of discredit… for so many peeps out there. Thanks for answering!