Let's suggest excellent old dramas added from Soompi


Given the recent wonderful contribution from Soompi to Viki’s drama list, may I suggest we add some of these old dramas to this thread as a suggestion for watching.

Since Christmas season has just started, for those that are okay with a non-romantic drama and crave some intelligent debate, I suggest the drama White Christmas. And if that’s not enough, take a peak at the cast.

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I don’t know if it’s from soompi but, Gap Dong, Equator Man, Jumong & 90 days, time to love

I don’t know what is Soompi xD but if you want an “exellent old drama” I can list you this one : Jewel in the palace ( 2004-5 ) an historical one.
The first and best drama I have ever seen even after watching a lot of drama :D.

It’s already here, and with an excellent restored English translation by a dedicated team.
Isn’t it a given that before we make suggestions we look first to see whether viki has it already?

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oups. Sorry if I upset you, I was kind of in a rush so I didn’t check.

i just started PHOENIX, I heard good things about it and will tell you more after finishing it, but with the new player it may take a little time …

Come on, I wasn’t upset, LOL!