Let's talk about A.C.E

I gove you a profile of them andd than you can talk about them with me if you like to :slight_smile:


I really like this group and became a huge fan of them. My most favourite member is Jun and I ship Wowsn. Woson is even a real topic in this group cause the members even talked about this xD ^^

They debuted in May 2017 with their Single called “Cactus” under “Beat Interactive” and their fandomname is “choice” and A.C.E is one of the groups who loves their fandom more than every other group loves their own fandom and they are extremly good dances who are the grroup what is most sinc than enyone else. Sadly they gained most popularity by wearing hotpants and most people started to recognice them as “the boys who wearing shorts” and not really some group doing good music and who can dance very well. Curently they have two musicvideos on their chanel called “offiicial A.C.E”

Before they had their debut, they often uploadet dance and vocal covers and oftehn they danced in the streets of Itaewon or Hongdae in Seoul. Now they do this sometimes between you know stuff that idol-groups have to do^^

They even once said that they take more care of their shaved legs than their face and so they wish that the people apriciate their effort cause they said they shave their legs every single day^^

Some things you should know if you don’t know who A.C.E is

-Real name: Park Junhee
-Born: June, 02, 1994
-Leader of the group
-Iconic cute smile
-Got inspired to become a musican after he watched the MV “Rainism” by Rain
-Je was a Jellyfish trainee before he joined Beat Interactive
-He had some cameo in different Kdrama like for example: “Meloholic” and he had a short appearance with Donhun and Wow (both from A.C.E too) in a Kdrama where they played an other kpop-group
-He really loves kids and is really calm when he is around some
-He was a part of Million dance studio together with Wow and Chan before their debute
-He can play the guitar and the piano
-He apeard to gether with Chan in KBS’s show “THE UNI+”


-Real name: Lee Donghun
-Born: February, 28, 1993
-He has a brother
-He has braces on his uper teeth
-His mother is a vocal too who won a prize for that in a Korean TV-show
-Before he went to the army he made it to the top10 in a show called “Superstar K5”
-He apeard in some different comercials
-He likes to skateboard and play basketball
-He apeard togehter with Jason and Wow in YG’s show “MIXNINE”


-Real name: Kim Sehyoon
-Born: May, 13, 1993
-He has a younger sister who was a former member of the group SIXTEEN
-He was a YG Trainee
-He is a good friend of BM (K.A.R.D)
-He likes to play badminton


-Real name: Kim Byeongkwan
Born: August, 13, 1996
-He has a brother
-He got inspired to become a musician after he watched “Rainism” by Rain
-After he got emliminated in “KPop star seson 1” really fast he got asked to join YG but he left there really quickly. Later he was a trainee at JYP
-He likes soccer
-He is close to Got7’s Yugeom and both know each other cause they went to the same middle school


-Real name: Kang Yuchan
-Born: December, 31, 1997
-He is the groups maknae
-He has 2 brothers
-He has braces on his lower teeths
-Even if his parnets hat a music shop he didn’t liked to become a musician first
-He was a JYP trainee together with Jason
-He likes soccer and was in the soccerteam in primary and middle school
-He was the MC of a show called “Ginga Minga Aha Show”

(Disclaimer: Some of the personal people informations taken from kpopfiles.com)


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yes! I love a.c.e too!! I an’t wait for Jun’s cameo in Big Issue!