Let's talk about Kpop voices!

Who has the most powerful voice on Kpop??

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i would say, when it comes to girls, its a tie between ailee and hyorin!

and for the guys, between Beast’s yoseob and shinee’s jonghyun!

(i would say onew too but he’s more in the smooth and mellow category. he’s got an outstanding voice, but jonghyun’s is more in the powerful area that your talking about.)

other very powerful kpop voices i would say park hyo shin

and tvxq’s Changmin

who would you say has the most powerful kpop voice?

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For me, Changmin and Yesung.

changmin in 2am as welll

Changmin sang love is the moment.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyNAaHBIaYw

For me, except TVXQ’ Changmin, 2AM’ Changmin,Ailee and Park Hyo Shin…
TVXQ’ Kim Junsu

TVXQ’ Kim Jaejoong

Ft Island’ Lee Hong Ki

CnBlue’ Jung Yonghwa

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ahhh! i agree with all of those! and yonghwaaa x) i love him. your right junsu and jaejoong have great powerful voices, and yonghwa as well,he holds his notes and has great control

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Yes they are my favorite korean singers! Their voices are… UOOOOOOOOO… incredible!!

Gee, I don’t know that’s why I made the topic hahah So many voices to choose but i think is between the ones you picked too :slight_smile:

I laugh so hard when I hear that song because it couldn’t stop playing at the “heirs” , and it just arruined the moments , which is a shame , because it’s such a lovely song , singed by Changmin , who i think that is super talented :slight_smile:

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@GreenIce I love Park Hyo Shin. , he has such an amazing voice ! Also Ailee is a great singer , i don’t just like her voice , i also think that her music is quite good :slight_smile:

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Uhm… Actually I don’t listen Ailee, but I think her voice is really amazing! Park Hyo Shin is… Oh I have no words to describe him! He makes me… shiver! Even if I don’t know all korean singers (you don’t say D: ), my favorite voices will be always of Changmin, Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun, (I’m a Cassiopeia if you don’t know xD) Hongki and Yonghwa… and Park Bom, but her voice isn’t so much powerful.



Oh, I have a lot of live that I love D: but I think in this 3 videos you can hear their powerful voices! <3

Wow , thank you so much for all that videos , I will watch it now ! Lives are the best !
Yeah me too , I m far away for knowing them all , but that just make it even interesting ! I also think that CL has a quality voice. In the end i like 2ne1 .
I don’t know much about FTISLAND , but I got say Hongki knows how to mess with our heart with that voice ! He is for sure one of the most talented singers out there !
TVXQ is full of amazing singers , Jaejoong has so much stage presence , also Junso’s rap is so cool ,that gets me chills , and Changmin has a very heartwarming voice .
About CNBLUE , they are one of my favorite korean band out there, "can’t stop " , "cold love ", “like a child” are the ones i hear the most :slight_smile:

Anyways , thank you so much , I really do think that watching lives is very amusing .

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Ailee <3 <3

I don’t know who it is but the guys in Nu’est that sing the soft part! ahhh mind blows because of softness. lol
and im with @b2utybubbles ailee and hyo rin! Heaven was a hit and seriously went off chart and hyorin known as koreans beyonce well i dislike beyonce from her destiny child days but hyo rin awesome voice!

Hmm Between the girls , I think is Ailee , what about you do you agree ?


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heaven was one of my favorites! i dont like beyonce either lol. my #1 favorite will always be her “i will show you”.

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thats really hard i dont know… theyre both amazing! i will pick ailee too ^ ^ but i love hyorin allot!

actually i’m in love with kim hyun joong’s voice and Jang Keun-suk’s voice they’re amazing singer and really emotive singers too! that was for men in fact in woman selection i’d choose Girls’ Generation OH MY GOD ! how much i love them amazing ,beautiful,funny,energ,energetic,active , lovely girls … i just love them so much