Let's talk about segmenting!

I’m new to segmenting!! I have a few questions. Viki have the public assistance under project finder, but how helpful is this? It looks like anyone can have access to it. Can the channel manager restrict who can segment and assist with subtitle on their projects? Do they have the option to remove their project from the project finder? Or is the project finder consists of only projects that do not have any restriction.

I recently ran across a project that state segmenting without consent will be punish. How is this enforce? Any clue?


For projects with a channel manager, you should ask him or her first. As it is their project and they are the overseer.
If it is owned by viki, I guess it is a free-for-all?
Project Finder is ok… but still best to ask.

I found segmenting properly quite difficult. For subtitling, users should be courteous and ask the chief editor if English team, if not their language moderator.

I don’t think anyone has a say what goes on project finder… @.@ I found it random and mostly old off-air things.
Your segments and subtitles get deleted I think.

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Indeed segmenting properly is difficult. If all assistance can understand the language, it will be easier to segment.

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sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdtZX5D-i4MI4EDfhMV6bVy1Ng6qe3_3a7mkpygT8xWjRWjw/viewform#start=invite

I would definitely recommend getting trained. We have found that people without training do not fully understand segmenting from the video Viki shows you. It is difficult yes but if you are trained, it becomes so much easier and fun. I actually enjoy it now. At first I didn’t but once I knew what I was doing, it was much easier.

As a CM, I can tell you that it is more difficult and adds more work to us to have segmenters with no training. Asking the CM to join the team should be done if there is a CM. I’ve had many people just come in to some of my projects and don’t even ask to join. Some because they don’t know and some because they don’t care. And yes, your segments get deleted. Fixing segments is not something people usually enjoy doing. :slight_smile:

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Do I have to complete all 5 levels to be able to join projects? Or just the sandbox and if I’m fluent in the language of the video?

In my projects, I add people who are close to graduating. If their sensei recommends them then I’ll add them. To be honest, the sandbox is way too early to begin segmenting on projects. That’s just my opinion as a CM.


Viki has open and closed channels. The open channels can be found in the project finder.
This is how it works for licensed channels: When a kdrama, jdrama etc is airing the channel is closed off to be worked on by the team. Viki closed them off because in the past random people came by to ‘help out’ ruining stuff for the team. After airing it eventually becomes an open channel…

About segmenting itself, I only add people who graduated from NSSA/Seg101. That might sound unfair but segmenting is the most important off all… If the segmenting isn’t good it can’t be subbed properly either. And it’s easier to seg from scratch then edit the whole thing which will cause more delay and we all know how demanding some viewers are.


I understand you, it is so confusing. When I first try to segment I look at project finders and try segmenting to open videos. I did not go to channel page I just go directly to segmenting page, and do my thing which is a very wrong move from my part lol (later on I apologize to CMs and let them be aware which part I did. I told them I can delete those segments since it is my fault). Then, I saw other channels with a prerequisite for segmenter, so I’m excluded lol. My goal is to segment On-AIR in the future :slight_smile: so I signed-up to study segmenting. After, a while I graduated and now I segmenting hard subbed video. I’m still not confident to do On-Air since I still need tons and tons of practice. I recommend that you sign-up to NSSA so you can practice your segmenting. They will not only teach you about segmenting, but also the courtesy here in Viki. For me, I still have a long way to reach my goal, so go and start now, sign-up :slight_smile: Good Luck


I mean I am cutting to the Korean but… I still have like 3-4 barely lates and earlies. Even though I have been working with seg timer for a long time.

I am also too slow to do on air. To be able to do on air, a person should take no longer than 20 min to segment a 10 minute part. I am very very slow. I checked my video 3x before sending. It was in Korean. Still lates and earlies.

The problem with doing on air is not only quality but also if you do not finish in a timely manner, subbers cannot subtitle. It causes delay.

That’s why most CM’s take graduates only.

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I agree. I finished sandbox just a couple of weeks ago (right now I am on Level 3 Chinese), and I do remember it took me ages to get it right, or should I say it took me ages, looking at it, checking and re-checking more than three times, and STILL getting it wrong! Knowing this, I would never ever ever take a sandbox graduate to segment my project!


Don’t get me wrong as I’ve been asking for permissions and waiting for my Red Sandbox evaluation (crossing fingers…) and besides I’m not pressed to become QC.

but to be very honest nobody would want to work on the projects listed in the finder if they can help it :frowning:

Segmenting or subtitling, when one is new here, there is no choice but accepting whatever is given.
That’s what I did as well. During my first month in viki I asked right and left and accepted whatever job they gave me. Although in real life I have been a professional translator with premium skills, I understood that viki managers couldn’t know if this is true or not until they tried me. I even did tests when they asked me.
This meant that I subtitled a couple of boring, badly made and badly acted series: it was like an unpleasant chore. I still have one which was given to me from that period, my first moderating assignment (it’s not my fault it’s still not finished, the English team hasn’t released the final three episodes yet). Nobody is watching it, it even has no comments and no timed comments, so I feel I’m wasting my time and every time I have to go to it I give a big sigh, I can barely muster the courage to motivate my team. BUT: this and all the other stuff given to me because nobody else wanted it was my ticket to more interesting things. Nowadays I browse for series that interest me, some channel managers, editors and moderators know me and they give me a place if I ask for it. So it was all well worth it.

Actually, isn’t it the same thing in “real life” jobs? The most prestigious ones ask for previous experience, but how on earth will you gain experience if everyone wants you to be already experienced? The solution is with not so prestigious jobs. In real life, the solution is also unpaid jobs which fill your meager curriculum.
A friend’s son went for two years to volunteer at an ippic centre because he just adores horses. Now he is about to get hired at a very good place with good pay, because all this experience, although unpaid, has “paid off”.

So, yeah, have a little patience, and when you’re finished with your training, go find a viki-managed project to try out your new skills.


I’m not really impatient :slight_smile:

But with all this screening, are Managers 100% free of people who don’t do legit work?

It might feel as if we have a time limit in teams but we don’t really have them although of course it’s most ideal if all seggers can seg something in a certain timeframe. I mostly seg a part in 20-30 minutes or less but when there really complex scenes with fights and lot’s of fast dialogue it might take a bit longer.

But it’s true when you just graduated it will be quite stressful and there is some pressure… not from the team itself mostly but you just know people are waiting for you to finish… I was so scared when I started working on my first on air project and felt so sorry for everyone because I was slow. So yes when you graduated it might be best to work on your speed on other projects that are not on air so you can take all the time you need without the stress and pressure first.


@turquoise CM’s can only hope everyone just follows the rules and report things to Viki/CM’s when needed. The main problem CM’s have is that they simply can’t understand all languages and you have to depend on the language mod doing a good job and is making sure everyone does in their team. But then it’s also a question: who does a real good job as a mod and who doesn’t. You can’t really check…


Being in segging academy myself I am in awe with how fast you guys can do it.
And those combines with two people talking. I’m still not sure how to group those even if it is in a native language I know.

It helps to know that you guys also don’t like segging fast segs. Just like subbing them is difficult.

@turquoise oh yes we caught plagiarizers and when the show isn’t locked people would subtitle in the wrong language section. All not good.

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I’m wondering if it’s like waiting to be discovered? I was lucky to work with a super editor and super subber on my first project.

So that basically helped me go anywhere. If one were to work with a super Italian or Greek mod wouldn’t they see that you are good or not good?

Korean and Chinese I think don’t tend to have this problem because we don’t have that many subtitlers. Like you said before there seems to be an infinite number of Spanish-English.

I think only the most popular show each drama round is the one that is closed and can be competitive (all subs done), but this is the exception. Many Chinese shows are solo - subtitled according to what has been told to me thus far.


I graduated from the sandbox this morning (to my surprise) and I definitely need more training.

Honestly, if you think about it, you don’t do much segmenting in the sandbox. It’s less than 10 mins of segments in total. That’s even equal to one part of a drama, so there’s no way it’s enough experience.

I’m going to wait until I finish the entire academy, then work on some off-air titles until I’m comfortable.


I agree with you 110%