Let's update the status of our recruitement requests

In the past couple of days I’ve been tagging the board requests to follow Team Discussion guidelines - mostly adding a tag for [K-DRAMA], [C-DRAMA] etc, to make it easier for prospective collaborators. Just for the last few months, really, earlier than that it’s not necessary.
This has of course bumped quite a few posts to the first place.
I suggest that posters add a post at the end of these stating whether they have been solved, and if they are, asking viki staff to eventually close them I already did that to all mine.
I know that some of them may still be valid: for instance recruitements for rarer languages or for older/longer/more obscure dramas, or for variety shows with hundreds of episodes that can never have enough people. Only the moderator/poster can know this for sure.
For instance, in one of my posts I had been looking for a Ko-En subber to complete the subs of an unfinished film. Since then, a kind person has been found and it’s now over. On the other hand, I have a post where I was recruiting moderators and subbers of all languages for the KBS Drama Specials which I manage. Well, I’ve got some languages since I posted that, some of them are going strong (Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Romanian…), but many are still lacking people on their team and are desperately seeking for more subbers.

Therefore, I think it is worth taking the trouble to specify the status of these requests with a tag and a final post. Because if a person comes here looking for a project to join and seems some of these marked as “solved” or “closed”, and some not, even if they date of a couple of months ago, s/he will immediately and easily know which ones are still in need of collaborators so that s/he can apply.