LGBT K Dramas

Anyone know of any with strong LGBTQ themes?

You can check this

Also the movie Aghassi.

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There’s a 2009 short movie called “Just Friends” directed by Kim Jo Kwang Soo with a very young Lee Je Hoon and Yeon Woo Jin. From the same director you can check his other short films “Boy meets boy” and “Love 100°C”

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인생은 아름다워 (63 series)

왕의 남자 (movie)


King and the Clown was a great movie.

Uhh… Prince’s Prince is the only one I can think of - not counting The Lover.

Some of my personal favourites are Man on High Heels, about a trans woman’s acceptance, and Two Weddings and a Funeral, about Korea’s gay/lgbt community. But there are loads more! I’d recommend going through this thread if you’d like more, it has a pretty exhaustive list of queer movies from Korea and other East Asian Countries.


Rainbow Eyes (with Kim Kang Woo) is one that is a mix of a crime story and a LGBT and it does have a lot of violence just to warn you…Beyond Borders: No Regret (Kim Nam Gil…I haven’t watched it yet though)… Hand maiden… Antique (Kim Jae Wook, Joo Ji Hoon) is my favorite LGBT movie since it is a mix of comedy, drama, romance, mystery, baked goods, great acting and hot male actors

I found a few good ones off this blog review. Painter in the Wind was hot!