Library of favourite series/movies


Hello webdesign team,
I don’t know if this was mentioned before, if so, consider to ignore this discuss.
I do wish for a “library” or call it a “Favourite list” of the series and movies we do like allot and want to access it when ever we do want to rewatch something we did enjoy.

Thank you for your consideration and efforts in advance <3


You could create your own “collection” within your Viki profile. You could name it “My Library of Favorites” and you could either make it public or private.

However, as far as keeping each item eternally available for you/viewers to watch or rewatch, it’s near impossible because every drama/movie is licensed for a certain period of time. It also depends on if or when Viki will request and pay for relicensing.


Oh really?! I didn’t knew that. Thank you very much for your response.


Yes. Really. :slight_smile:
You’re welcome. :hugs:


I have 3 collections. I have one that I titled binge worthy. They are basically the ones I could not stop watching and want to watch again. Then I have 2 others that I pull from etc. Have fun with it!!


For anyone who doesn’t know how to make collections:

  1. Click “My Collections” after clicking on your profile picture at the top right of the Viki screen

  2. Click “Create new Collection”

  3. FIll in all the info they want and then click Add Shows

  4. Add the shows you want; you can give little two line comments on each show if you like.

Another way to do this is by going to a show’s channel page.
You can either create a new collection or add to your previous ones :smile:

I love collections because they’re handy and easy to reach. However, if you really want to keep your library forever, I suggest making Lists on mydramalist, since Viki doesn’t carry some shows and if a license expires, the show disappears/shows that it’s not available anymore.


Watch out Collections are Addictive -

I have “15” Collections!

It is fun to share them and keep discussions going within the collection also

It’s All About the Kiss Click

This was my very first one and then I branched out into “Themes” if you need an example to check out