Life on Mars

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June is coming to you with the new OCN drama “Life on Mars” from Jung Kyung-ho, Park Sung-woong, Go Ah-sung, Oh Dae-hwan, No Jong-hyun , Kim Young-pil and more.

A remake of the 2006 fictitious police procedural on BBC , “Life on Mars” is the story of a detective who travels time due to an accident solves a series of murders to go back to the way he was.

Jung Kyung-ho plays Han Tae-joo, a detective who suddenly wakes up in 1988. He is a meticulous man who places evidence above people. This retro story begins when Tae-joo starts investigating a serial murder case with the detectives from 1988. The actor has commented “I enjoyed the original series and the script. I am glad to be working with director Lee Jeong-hyo of “Heartless City” again, and I think that I can feel the same happiness I felt back then”.

The main detective of the past is Park Sung-woong’s Gang Dong-cheol, a rough, but humane “analogue detective” from the 80s. He ignores the evidence and goes with his own gut feeling, but he has good intuition. He becomes a partner to and clashes with Tae-joo, who uses the unfamiliar method of scientific investigation. Park Sung-woon’s comment reads “I may be a bit selfish, but I instantly knew I wanted to be this character with a big heart named Dong-cheol, and express him well. This is my first time working with director Lee Jeong-hyo and actor Jung Kyung-ho. I want to start filming quickly. I am preparing my work with joy”.

Go Ah-sung plays ace investigator Yoon Na-young. Unlike her sweet appearance, she possesses an enthusiastic personality. Na-young became an investigator, because she wanted to be like the women detectives she read about in mystery novels, but reality is very different. She longs for the day when she will be able to assist in investigations, and analyze data.

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I really thought I was about to read about Life on Mars (literally), then I just saw the teaser, had a good laugh :joy:. Murder cases… I’m going to watch the 1st episodes for sure! (I filled the form!).


Yes :laughing: it looks very fun. Thank you for filling out the form and keep filling it in order to have a chance to see it all :hugging:

@piranna me the same, I thought some new discovery on Mars, hehe, I’m getting old, lol!!:grinning:

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