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Hey there. New page designer, seasoned photoshop user and blogger here. Was trying to get an image to link to the licensing page and tried putting the url in on the link page where images are uploaded. Seems to give me a hover finger but can’t click to navigate. Is there a way to make images take you to a url? Thanks!

Hello there, nice to meet you! Yup, sometimes, adding a link to the image doesn’t work directly (don’t ask me why, I have no clue ><). When that happens, I go to the “Source” where I can dabble with the HTML code. Your image should be something like <img alt=""src="link">. To add the link, you have to put <a href="the_link_you_want> before the image and </a> after it. That gives something like this : <a href="link"><img alt="image"></a>. That should do the trick. ;D


I saw something today about a “bug” that is making images not clickable… I will give your html trick a shot! (html and I are just getting to know one another :slight_smile: ) Thanks!

Unless there’s been an update recently, no links on channel walls (whether text or images) are clickable. The links are there (so you can open in a new window/tab), but clicking on the link won’t do anything.

This is, indeed, one of many bugs.

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