LINK to VOTE In Real Korean Website for your favorite dramas


Our Dear comunity friend @Va12ni shared with us the " Two Weeks" fans this cool korean link website, in here you can actually vote for your favorite drama and for your favorite actor and I think k-pop too, So I thought It will be very interesting to share with all the Viki community and you guys vote for your favorite drama/actor. For who did you voted?

Best drama :

Best Actor :

Currently “Two Weeks” is # 1
Best actor is so far Yoo A In and #2 is Park Si Hoo

Best Actress:

If you wanna check the trailer of k-dramas and k-movies :


By they way I voted for Master Sun as my favorite and the actor Lee Joon Gi (Two weeks).

So many hot actors, I even got dizzy looking at the pics hahah
I wasn’t sure wich drama should I vote for coz I liked many of them, but I ended up voting for two weeks
Actor I voted for Gong Yoo coz he is my fav

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Thank you for share with us…I love master sun more than two week.

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How many time can we vote?

I tried to vote twice today but didn’t let me it says tomorrow will clear up so I’ ll try again and I’ll let you know

@lil_YL you can vote again today, master sun is down 1 position right now number 2 is Cheongdam-dong Alice, the rank is updated every saturday, so you can vote once a day! and in the bottom of the website there is not only a chat but you can see the number of votes for each actor and drama

i cant believe cheongdam-dong Alice is ahead of Master’s Sun…I understand why Two weeks is number one (i still prefer master’s sun to it) but I really do not understand Alice’s ranking…how in the world did it get to number 2??

Wow I am really happy for Park shi hoo…it seems that he is still popular even though he had that scandal earlier in the year.

LMAO!** Kwang soo** is number 3 at the moment!!!..our “Asian prince” is doing us proud XD

lol I know I have heard that in Korea the popularity standards are weirdly different, like for us some actors are very popular for them really not, did you check the actress rank?

Lol.i didn’t check it yet.let me have a quick look

I updated the link up with the others

OMG!!! I cannot believe Song Ji Hyo is number 1…i love her from Running man…but i don’t think she deserves the number one spot…i really wanted Gong hyo jin ( she was one of my best actresses even b4 Master’s sun) …another option for number 1 spot would be Han Hyo-joo

LOL Han Ga in is @ the number 23 spot…she is beautiful but her acting is REALLY TERRIBLE

Goo hye sunnumber 16!…like really!..after destroying Absolute boyfriend (chinese version) for me, I dont think she should be in that spot…the 100th position would be the best spot for her

lol I know the actress rank is totally unexpected for me too, the thing I like about this website is that now we can at least vote for whoever we want to support. Since yesterday the rank changed a lot so I’ll keep up and keep you guys posted

Yes please do that. I really hope the rankings change.Especially 4 the actress category

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Thank you so much for let me know, I think you should share this link in Master Sun channel because not all know and take part in the viki community. Maybe that Master sun will increase their votes. This drama deserves the first place.


Is a very good idea I’ll PM the channel manager so she can share it .Thanks!!

lol! THAT is a good plan…a very good way to cheat and get Master’s sun to win over the others XD…i LIKE IT!!

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@chizzygirl, @lil_YL, @tcruz today I saw the rank again…

Best Drama

1위 Two weeks 투윅스 (MBC) 45% 359,493 점 1 위
2위 Master Sun :heart: 주군의 태양 (SBS) :heart: 20% 167,066 점 2 위

Best actor :

  1. Park Si Hoo
  2. Yoo A In
  3. Lee Jun Ki
  4. Lee Min Hoo

New link vote best K-pop Group or singer!

  1. Super Junior
  2. F(x)
  3. 2PM
  4. Kim Jong Guk

I am actually surprise with the best actor, if I am not wrong Park Si Hoo was in the news in the beginning of the year because a girl went to the police office saying that he rapped her. In the end, she dropped that accusation coz everything that happened was consensual… But koreans are really strict with these news. So I didnt really think he would win this. Anyway he is cute, and I liked him in The princess’ man :slight_smile: