Literally new to K-dramas.. Help?

Hi I’m Jase.

New to this site, new to K-dramas and Asian dramas. I had no idea asian dramas had a community. Found this site, looked pretty, made an account and here I am… asking for help.

Basically I’m bored and I dunno what the fuck to watch, whats good? I would like some romance to watch. I’m tired of anime.

In the past I have watched:
Coffee Prince
Devil Beside Yours?

Dunno if they’re considered K-dramas/asians drama because friends told me to watch them. Any suggestions? Me appreciated, Thanks.

Hi Jase,

You can find here a lot of good drama. :slight_smile: And a lot of type drama.

Caution: VIKI cause addictive! :smiley:
For exaple:

On air dramas:

  • Marriage, without dating
  • Fated to love you
  • Hi! School: Love On
  • Fall in love with me

Completed dramas:

  • You’re Beautiful
  • Playful Kiss
  • Faith (AKA The Great Doctor)
  • Master’s Sun
  • My love from the starts.
  • Starts falling from the sky

It is impossible to list all the best, because there are so many super drama.
I hope I could help you. :smiley:

Have a nice day!



Hi Jase, welcome to the Viki community!

Try to watch [My Love from the Star][1], [Goong][2], [Secret Garden][3], [Master’s Sun][4], [Queen of SOP][5], [Fated to Love You (Taiwan)][6], [Lie To Me][7], [Boys Over Flowers][8], [Flower Boy Ramyun Shop][9], [Flower Boy Next Door][10] … gosh there are so many actually :smiley:

On-air ones: [Marriage, Not Dating][11], [Surplus Princess][12], [Trot Lovers][13], [Fated to Love You (Korean)][14]

Have fun!

Tasya :slight_smile:

Ooh new to k-dramas… I remember those days. @auroratasya made a lot of great suggestions. You can also try out Personal Taste, Playful Kiss, The Greatest Love, Gentleman’s Dignity, Witch’s Romance, Flower Boy Ramen Shop and Mary Stayed Out All Night for past aired dramas.

One’s I have yet to watch but have heard good things from:
City Hunter
Queen In-Hyun’s Man
Love Rain
Bride Of The Century
… amongst others. Where are you watching from, if you don’t mind me asking?

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Thanks for your suggestions, i’ll be looking into them. Btw nobody suggested it but I started Emergency Couple, sounds to be a good premise and first ep was great :smiley:

Marriage Not Dating is really awesome and funny! And then there is “It’s Okay, That’s Love” :slight_smile:

I forgot about the epic drama… City Hunter :smiley:

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Oh I totally forgot about Emergency Couple. Yes, watch that one too!

awww! you layed out your comment so prettily :3

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Thanks :smile:

Although I was really in big trouble, because there are so many drama, what I like, but somewhere I had to pull the limit … :wink:

I did the Drama Club for Emergency Couple on DramaFever… It starts off great.

New to dramas. . . wow! I’m so excited for you!

I recommend. . .
Boys over Flowers - It’s such a hot mess
Secret Garden
He’s Beautiful (You’re beautiful)

I found all three of those to be really enjoyable.

Good dramas for new drama-ers:
-Boys Over Flowers: This drama is really good, I meant REALLY, good for new drama-ers! I have to say, it’s not the best in terms of plot, directing, script, yadayada, but it’s really entertaining. This is the drama that got me hooked. Must watch!!!
-Secret Garden: I’ve seen a lot of people not like this one, but it’s extremely popular and I REALLY like it!
-Playful Kiss: It’s funny, but it doesn’t have that much of a plot. Just there for a laugh
-My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: MUST watch:)
-You’re Beautiful: Pretty good!~
-Personal Taste: Wasn’t the BEST drama but a short, sweet, simple series!
-Reply 1997: HILARIOUS

Action dramas:
-City Hunter: You’ll love this one! MUST watch!
-Iris: I really loved this one! It has TOP from Bigbang!

Historical Dramas (sounds boring…but they’re not!)
-The Moon that Embraces the Sun: I just love this one! It’s beautiful imo~
-Joseon Gunman: Currently airing! Sadly not on viki…you’ll have to find another website:
-Bridal Mask (Gaksital): This is my second fav drama of ALL TIME. Taken place during the time when Japan occupied Korea.

-I Hear Your Voice: To me this was beautiful! My fav drama of all time.
-Master’s Sun: Little scary but heartwarming
-My Love From the Stars
-Gentleman’s Dignity: FUNNY
-King of High School: My current favorite! So funny! It just ended airing, but it’s not on viki…sadly.

OMG…I’m so sorry there’s a lot! Well Jase, I hope you come to love k-dramas~!

Today I was reading a post elsewhere and it looks like a perfect subject for a kdrama. Who knows? It may have already been done. Mother has son of marriageable age. Son finds girl he likes and proposes marriage. Girl accepts and all is well, right? WRONG!!! Son’s mother notices a tatoo on the girl’s arm that resembles the tatoo on her long lost daugher’s arm(also 20 years old). Mother realizes that girl is her birth daughter that disappeared 20 years ago. Big problem since now her son and girl cannot get married since girl is daughter of son’s mother. OH HORRORS!!! But wait, all is not lost. Seems that son is not the birth son of the mother but was adopted 20 years ago, So the wedding can continue. Seems another mother found the daughter by the side of the road(Wow!!) and adopted her, No similar story or at least not yet exists for the son. Isn’t this right out of several kdramas except that it is real life according to the news reports? Thought you might like to know or share it with the producers for a future episode.

I know this topic is six years old but I could not find out how to create a new topic so I used this one to insert my post in. Hope that is not a problem.

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There are so many dramas and movies :slight_smile: Check also out the link of the Fan Collections and look up a headline of a collection that appeals you as these dramas are grouped under such.
Viki has their own collections as well :wink: