Little women

Omg love the book, love the movie.
The movie was different but was good.

Is there a drama that is an adaptation of Little Women?
Or something that looked like it?

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Well, there’s the BBC mini-series that you could check-out.

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Thank you!! I want to watch it!

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As a child the book “Little Men” was one of my favorite books, even when it was a bit outdated. It had some Tom Sawyer vibes. Many years later I discovered, that this was just the second part of the trilogy from Louisa May Alcott. I loved the first movie, the Mini Series and will definitively watch new version of the movie, too.


Oh thanks for the recommendations! I didn’t know that it was a trilogy!
Aaah, a book is never outdated… It’s timeless.

isn’t there a new one out?

Yes, the new one is currently at the cinema in my country.