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That looks so yum! :smiley:

Let’s share an another dish which I love to make for breakfast or lunch every once in a while.

English: Turnover bitches (sorry for the swearing, it makes me laugh every time because it sounds so wrong in English…LOL)

4-5 sneetjes oud brood (slices of stale bread)
1 ei (egg)
175-200 ML melk (milk)
theelepel kaneel (teaspoon cinnamon)
theelepel suiker (teaspoon sugar)
boter om in te bakken (butter for baking)


  1. Add the milk, sugar, cinnamon and the egg in a bowl or deep plate and mix well together.
  2. Soak the first slice of bread in the mixture at both sides.
  3. Fry it on medium heat in a frying pan on both sides for about 2 minutes on both sides until they are golden brown. Make sure you keep moving them because they stick pretty fast and a frying pan with anti stick layer is advised.
  4. Ready to serve.

Extra info
I don’t know the exact amount of milk and the exact slices of bread because I do it on feel. I take a deep plate, break the egg add milk untill the egg york is only visible and then add sugar, cinnamon and mix it. The amount of bread depends on how long you soak, the more heavy the more difficult to fry. Sometimes I also mix the cinnamon and sugar in a separate tiny bowl and sprinkle it over the bread when baking because the cinnamon sticks really fast and can burn easily. Some only add the cinnamon to the mix and add the sugar when serving. You can also cut the slices in half, soak and fry them. White bread gives the best taste in my opinion and you can use fresh bread too but that’s more difficult to fry because it’s so soft.

Serving suggestions
If you didn’t add sugar to the mixture you can sprinkle them with iced sugar when serving. Goes well with all kinds of fruit.


I call this french toast! lol! well I make this the same way but I also add brown sugar it gives it a caramelization which is awesome!

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Puff pastry wouldn’t be it I think filo dough would be it. from the picture it looks more like a filo dough.


Yes. That’s the traditional one, filo dough. But I just said that we can also use puff pastry, since the cheese leaves a lot of liquid during the cooking process and puff pastry has a denser texture.
That’s also why semolina is used, to absorb the liquid from the cheese.

Either way, it’s tasty, just that it’s crunchier with filo dough :wink:

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Really? I thought French Toast was somewhat different but I guess not hahahaha

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My mouth is watering right now :heart_eyes:

In Germany we call it ‘Arme Ritter’ (poor knights). :smiley:

Hey that’s almost dutch… a knight is “Ridder” here. Wow how one dish can have so many different, sometimes funny, names.

Yes, Dutch and German seem to have quite a lot similarities.
In your recipe I noticed: (pattern is English-Dutch-German)
bread - brood - Brot
egg - ei - Ei
teaspoon - theelepel - Teelöffel
bake - bakken - backen


Here’s another favourite desert in Romania.

(EN: Potatoes)

  • Ingredients:

  • 300 gr of “Petit Beure” biscuits

  • 100 gr nuts ( or peanuts or any kind you like)

  • 2 spoons of butter/margarine

  • a glass of water (it may vary)

  • 5 spoons of sugar

  • 1 spoon of cocoa powder

  • Rum or rum essence

  • the zest from a lemon

  • 1 spoon of cocoa powder and 1 of icing sugar mixed together

  • Instructions:
    Break the biscuits into very small bits, almost into a powder. Better yet, mix them with a kitchen robot. Do the same with the nuts. You will need a bigger bowl now. Put the biscuits and the nuts in that bowl.
    Now, for the syrup: In a pan, heat the water, alongside the sugar, the rum essence and the 5 spoons of cocoa. You can even add chocolate if you fancy that. Mix them and leave it over the fire until the sugar melts. Now add it to the biscuits&nuts mixture. Incorporate the liquid into the biscuits.
    Melt the butter, preferably in the same pan that you did the syrup. Add the melted butter to the biscuits. Mix it altogether, until it’s black and solid.
    Now, prepare the cocoa powder and the icing sugar mixture. take a spoon and scoop with it some of the desert. Roll it in the cocoa & sugar. Do the same with the rest. It would be good to leave it to rest in the fridge or in a cool place for a while, but if you can’t help yourselves eat it just like that.

!!! Tip: You can put some chocolate on top, or nuts, or coconut flakes, or whatever you like.


btw today i made some of Wentelteefjes to my little sister, i was delicious especially with the cinnamon, but i added syrup not sugar.
fact about me i don’t know how to cook I only eat, and this dessert was pretty easy to make, so thank you for not making starve this morning LOL. :wink:

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That’s great to hear @Lamammhd, never tried them with syrup myself, maybe I should do that too once :smile:


I’d like to eat it one day :heart:

I know around the world, people think of American foods as McDonald’s Hamburgers and Cola Cola, but this is what it looks like where I live in the Western US.

To me there is nothing better than a bowl of Chuckwagon Stew with a side of cornbread or Sheepherders’ Bread after a long day in the mountains.

Basically it is meat with potatoes and then whatever vegetables you have handy. Usually cooked in a dutch oven over coals, but I make it at home in the crockpot too. Here’s a recipe as an example:


I would eat this with a nice microbrew beer, like Mammoth Brewing Company’s Double Nut Brown Ale.

For dessert: a crunchy apple, but my husband would probably want Brownies:



Awww, I’m becoming soooo hungry as I’m reading this topic. :blush:

One of my favourite Hungarian food: töltött káposzta (cabbage roll/stuffed cabbage).

It’s a very delicious Hungarian meal, we put rice and minced pork in savanyú káposzta (Sauerkraut/sour cabbage).
We serve this meal with sourcream and usually eat in the winter. ^^
I’m not so good at writing recipes in English, so I put a link where you can read it in details:


I sooo want to cook some of these recipes right now!

Why did I ever think it was a good idea to come to this thread when I’m hungry? Now I want to eat EVERYTHING.

Seriously, you guys have posted some delicious looking food.

Over here we have this food called Bacalhau à Bras. I have no idea how to translate that. It’s cod fish with potato chips and some kind of sorcery involving eggs. It’s delicious. My mouth is watering. I want to eat it now and it’s 2am.

Oh, dear.


I seen someone post about brownies and another posting about something that looks like truffles,
well im going to post something called Shortcut Truffles,


1 pack Oreos
1 8oz Cream Cheese ( it’s better original and not low fat or fat free)
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla or almond extract
1 1b of chocolate wafers or 2 lb cacao bar 80%cacao
1 tsp oil
2 cups of Cacao powder
2 cups nuts finely chopped
Chocolate sprinkles chopped

Steps (EASY!)

  1. In food processor Place all oreos and pulse until it is finely chopped.
  2. In a bowl whip cream cheese until it is smooth like silk
  3. add sugar and extract to cream cheese
  4. when combined add oreos to the bowl.
  5. Mix until you can not see cream cheese and it has been combined fully!
  6. Roll the mixture into little 1 inch balls, or 2 inch balls. Depending how big you want the truffles.
  7. freeze the truffle balls for 20 mins this will allow it to stay in shape when coating in chocolate.
  8. In a double boiler place water in bottom and allow to heat. ( I usually don’t allow it to simmer I just want alittle heat to slow cook).
  9. Place a bowl on the pan and mix oil and chocolate together.
  10. Stir until you see its smooth like silk.
  11. Take it off heat to allow it to temper.
  12. Take the balls place inbetween a serving folk and place in chocolate until fully coated.
  13. Place on a parchment paper and spinkle with nuts or cacao powder.
  14. Place it in refrigerator.
  15. Let cool for 25 to 30 mins.

Bon Appetite

Not my pic but it should look like this. Mine usually turns out this way.


Someone brought this to our company picnic yesterday and it was really good!

It is really good. It’s my go to food for gatherings!
I’m glad you had it before! YAY!

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