Login Issues via Browser 2022 - ("This was unexpected. Something went wrong.")

Hey everyone,

I’ve been struggling with login issues for a while now. At first, there was only the error message “This was unexpected. Something went wrong. Please try again.” - but all this time, once I refreshed the page I was logged in after all, and that’s how it still worked on my laptop until today.

A few days ago, the first more concerning issues started via browser on my mobile phone (not the app). That alone troubles me a lot since I tend to subtitle on my phone quite often late at night. Neither Chrome nor Firefox worked. I deleted browser data & cookies and also made sure to accept all cookies before trying to log in again (+ I tried using incognito mode as someone suggested it because of Viki’s “forgetful cookies”). I even linked my Google account to my Viki account to log in / “continue” with Google and tried logging out on other devices, however, nothing really helped. Finally, I changed my email address, the one my Viki account is linked to and I use(d) to log in. So I don’t know if it was pure coincidence, however, it seems to be working again for me, at least for now. Please note, I’m also no longer receiving the error message when logging in!

I heard from a lot of different volunteers that they are facing the same or similar login issues, so I wanted to know about your experiences. Maybe you have some tips that worked for you, and hopefully we can make Viki (more?) aware of this problem so we can hope for a change.

All the best,


Right. I am facing this also since months. On every laptop I use, on my Handys… Everywhere and it’s getting on my nerves, that the problem doesn’t get resolved.
@vikicommunity please do something about this…


Hi there the past months we could experience that Viki staff doesn’t really care or has the time to come around here, so with these issues in your own interest maybe it would be better to state them here.

And I can’t tell, but maybe your problem is related to this?


I had a ticket abd now the same again


I submitted my ticket in the Help Center to notify them about this issue but considering how long it took them to respond to my prior requests (- if they even responded at all. I still have some that I created about 5 months ago, apparently the last activity was 12 days ago but nothing changed. Also, I wish I could still say I am satisfied with the service the times they did respond.) I figured it wouldn’t hurt to create a new topic here, so the volunteers can maybe help each other in the meantime.

I don’t use Apple, and now it’s working fine again. Same browser, same device. No updates done. Just changed my email address.

In any case, thank you for your message! :pray:


Potential work around. Try logging in from different site locations. If you start at the homepage, try the other pages like discussions.viki, https://contribute.viki.com/dashboard, etc.

You could potentially just manually change the https://www.viki.com/web-sign-in?return_to=https://contribute.viki.com/project-finder/subtitler url after return_to=