Lolita Complex

Hello there.I’m looking for recommendations of dramas or movies that have similtaries with the movie “Lolita”,meaning a older male atrracted to a younger female.
The closest I’ve seen was the korean movie “Thorn” but was very dissapointing since it only talked about their physical/sexual relationship rather than a more complex one .

Thank you for reading^^

A rare topic, especially since kdramas are almost always clean (really, even a knife they don’t show)
My little bride
My lovely girl
She is Nineteen
Kou Kou Kyoushi
Sweet 18
The Snow Queen

I wouldn’t say exactly Lolita but right now there is Doctors that is airing - she was in high school and he was her teacher (but it’s the beginning, the story is mostly 15 years later)
Entertainer - considerably younger than him
Mirror of the Witch - the actors in real life have a big age gap, but you wouldn’t notice it from the acting in drama
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang - maybe between the main girl and 2nd guy?
maybe Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake (I just don’t remember if she was young or high scholar)

It is a rare topic. I wish kdramas would invest in more different genres.
Thank you so much for recomedding so many . I’ve seen some but it’s funny that you brought up Doctors,'cause that’s why I remembered Lolita and American beauty .
Anyways thanks for replying , you’re the first one and that made me quite happy :slight_smile:

Marriage Contract too. Although she’s a hard-working, determined, resourceful and independent single mother, so, despite the considerable age difference, it is nothing like Lolita.

Just remember a few more but I haven’t seen them yet
A Short Distance Relationship
My Man (jmovie 2014)
My Rainy Days
Crazy little thing called love