Looking for a drama title

A while ago I saw a trailer for a drama but I don’t know the name and haven’t been able to find it. It was about a couple who were destined to meet in different lives and fall in love at first sight, but in the current life the guy was blind so they met but did not immediately fall in love. And I think there were two guys who were supposed to make sure they fall in love.
Does anyone remember this drama?

No other info at all? Did the drama appear to be older or current?
Did one of the actors remind you on someone? Did it appear to be Korean, Chinese, …?

Hope this is the drama you are looking for. If not, it worths watching it.


That’s not it, but thank you. It looks interesting. I’m fairly certain it was a Korean drama and it was something newer, but before dramafever shut down. Which is also why I don’t know which site it was on. I don’t remember recognizing any of the actors. I know it’s not a lot of info …

I’m beginning to think I either imagined this or dreamed it up. But I swear I saw the trailer on facebook.

The description reminds me a little bit of “While You Were Sleeping”. Jung Hae-in plays a police officer, but he is color blind.

Destiny and a blind man only brings one drama on my mind
It’s not Korean though and from 2015
The only Korean drama I know, where the male turns blind is Winter Sonata even older.
And even though I think there were other dramas with blind males I can’t recall them at the moment, they are in fact prior to 2018.

Me again! :laughing: What about the Korean drama : Monster? The main lead is blind for a few episodes.

I’m fairly certain this is The Love Knot as tony83n_283 said. It fits your description too well to not be it. The drama was named Moonshine and Valentine on Dramafever. It’s fairly recent (from last year) and it does talk about love through time. The leads fall in love at first sight in several lifetime. The guy is blind, though that’s not why she doesn’t fall for him at first sight in modern world. And for their first meeting, there were the two guys on the side, but they are just the lead’s cute sidekicks.

I watched the trailers for Love Knot and they are not the one I remember seeing. I’ll give it a closer look.

In the trailer I remember the guy saves the girl from an accident of some kind and the guys watching them are waiting for the true love moment, but it doesn’t happen and they realize he’s blind.

Idk, I’m really starting to think it doesn’t really exist

That’s not it. I watched While You Were Sleeping though. LOVED IT

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@tony83n_283 Thanks so much for suggesting Love Knot to me and @littleangele for telling me to give it another look. I’d watched the trailers and none of them were the one I remembered seeing on fb. Now I realize it wasn’t a trailer it was a scene from the first episode.

You guys are the best, thanks!

I’m looking for a drama about two friends who made a marriage pact? They are both in their 30s and unmarried and they start to fall in love? I think it was a drama that had a lot of episodes (50+?)

please help me!! <3

There’s a Korean drama. I watched it in 2018 on the Viki website. and it basically starts of with a girl who moved back to her home town where her mom and her best friend lives. and her mom go into a fire and this man saves her. later on she looks on to get a job and since she was pretty she got a job as a an object to older man basically, where she goes to hotels and meets up other man

Does anyone know the scene people are playing?
– “Sorry, my Princess. I’m late.”
– “Kneel.”
Some people said it was from the Cdrama “Untamed?”
I’m looking for the scene!