Looking for a GE?

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

I would absolutely love to be a GE. Ever since I heard of the position, I’ve been interested in it. I think it would be so much fun and come quite naturally to me.
So far I’ve been a Chinese to English subber and segmenter, and I’m a Jr Sensei for NSSA :slight_smile: I’m also well on my way to Gold QC.

I’m not a native speaker, however:

I’m absolutely fluent and know English better than some native speakers. I knew more than my high school teacher - in fact, I was the only student she didn’t bother summing up test points for, she just gave me an A and called it a day (lol)
I dated an American for four years (so for four years, I constantly spoke, wrote, and watched things in English), and spent almost a year in the US.
Learning English as a second language, I had to study all the rules. I think this makes me more qualified. I can tell you exactly why something is done in a certain way, or what my decisions are based on.
I wouldn’t ask to do it if I weren’t ready. (Note the subjunctive! lol)
Also, I think it would be fun and I’d be good at it.

I’ve found that all upcoming dramas either already have a GE or don’t have a CM yet (I’m keeping an eye on the latter!), so I thought posting here can’t hurt :wink:

So, if you’re looking for a GE, please consider me!

All the hugs,


From one part, it’s a pity because Chinese-English subtiters are scarce.

From the other part, I understand the curiosity and you’re completely free to pick.

Are you interested in Cdramas or Kdramas or any? Movies, dramas, reality shows, old, new?

What about asking to join a team with a GE already? There are teams with 2 GEs and you might be able to discuss with other editors that way?

Or you can ask to be TE and GE at the same time on a Cdrama. There are too many ep released compared to the number of editors.
Maybe find a CE that is looking for a TE (only) who can exchange with you, so you can ask to be TE and GE at the same time, you will have more chance that way and you can collaborate with the other GE this way too.

I think discovering both, collaborating with another experienced GE can put things into perspective, make you discover how other editors work (different is not always bad). But you have to find a GE who will be willing and have the time to exchange with you, or else the collaboration advantages for everyone will be limited.


Thank you so much for replying :smiley:

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll still be a Ch-En subber! I’d never give that up :stuck_out_tongue:

When it comes to GEing, I’m absolutely open to any and all dramas and movies, regardless of language or region.

Hey, I haven’t even thought of that! Thank you, seriously! I think it’s a great idea to ask if I can co-GE with someone! :smiley:
I guess I should write the GE directly, rather than the CM? I’ll get right on that <3 This is exciting!

I would have contacted the CM, CE and GE at the same time, because the GE can’t decide alone without talking with the CE first and the CM will add you as a Mod.
Both must know that you apply.
In my opinion, the CM doesn’t usually really know how it will go. The most important ones to contact are the editing teams, because they know better than the CM for these matters (normally).

In case you apply to be TE and GE, I think you won’t have any problem finding a Cdrama! They often share the task between a few TEs and 1 or 2 GE.
I think you will have more chance if you ask for both roles.


Thank you for all that inside knowledge! I wish I had had something like this when I first joined viki, lol.

I’m afraid I still have some way to go to be able to confidently TE a drama.


Mmmm, you sure you can’t TE?
What about asking your TEs that edited you to have their feedback?

It would have been interesting if you could have found a TE/GE to help you on a drama, because he would have helped you in both areas at the same time.

Try to contact cityofstars or mzchelle. They’re both competent TE and skilled in English and they’re the most susceptible people I know who might help you.
They might have dramas to suggest you.

Or else, try to contact Irmar, but she works on Kdramas.

Best for you is directly contacting the CE from all dramas. You often see names in the cover, but it doesn’t say if they need more people because people become busy, absent for a few weeks or anything happens from the moment the drama gets there and in the middle of the drama! So even if you see a name on a TE or GE position, don’t believe they don’t need help. Most of the time, they need people! Try to ask!

We see many dramas needing help lol

I applied to three shows, let’s see what comes of it! I wrote both the CE and GE each time :slight_smile: I have some more that already have a GE, but I want to wait in case all 3 of the ones I wrote are yeses xD And I still have the 25 dramas open that lack a CM :crazy_face:

You’re right, something could always come up! I shouldn’t let myself be intimidated and it doesn’t hurt to ask! (but it might to be turned down lol)

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Good luck!

If you don’t ask, you will never know!
Intimidated by whom? I think they will be happy if someone like you volunteer to help :joy: it’s the other way around!

I might be wrong and I don’t know enough Chinese to judge adequatly, but Idk why I remembered your subs were good. Unless a TE tells me the contrary or you tell me the contrary, maybe you have a strict view on your work?

For dramas you’re waiting for a CM, check every day to ask not too late!

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Aw wow, I get a sub compliment? Why, thank you very much! :blush:

I actually co-TE’d a drama once, holy crap the hours I put in! It was rewarding, but I don’t have this kind of time now; and I’m really, truly, not good enough to confidently know if any subtitle is translated well or not. There are lots of times where I still have questions :joy:

I also think at least the vast majority of my subs are good, bc I don’t usually write a sub unless I’m sure xD

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:clap::clap::clap::clap: Good answer!

If there is no place as a GE, eventually think of being a CM, so you can appoint yourself as a GE and pick another GE.
You will discover both positions!

If you don’t have much availability to edit, I think it’s best to work with a co-GE, that way when you’re absent, the drama still continues and the other way around.

Oh, I believe I have enough time for it :slight_smile: As I said, I think this would come naturally. I love language, I’m good with words, I’m very comfortable with English.
I think it’ll be a lot less straining than being a TE, as mainly, I think it’ll be a lot of work, rather than being a lot of really difficult work. It’s like… doing something that comes almost effortlessly to you, versus learning something new/doing sth that’s really tricky and takes up a lot of mental energy. It’s not the same, right?^^

Ha, it’s good to know I have the option of being GE through being CM! Lol! Although that feels a little overwhelming and I have no idea if I’m ready for that. I think I would rather start out as a mod first^^

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Aaah, but I think for me it’s the beauty of the thing!
It depends on how much time and effort, don’t you feel that sometimes?

From one side, if something becomes too easy or it won’t make you look for it, you won’t be enough stimulated. That can become boring if there’s no more difficulty or if you don’t learn something along the process.

From the other side, if something is too difficult and we don’t take it by steps, it is discouraging.
It is like when I wanted to learn crochet and I began immediately by doing an animal or if you want to learn playing an instrument and you begin with a sonata.
It works by little steps and it’s more on the long term involvement that you will have results. It asks repetition and repetition, training and training to get better.

Whereas something that doesn’t need sweat, involvement and effort in the long term are yes, easier, but the reward is proportional. Your sense of accomplishment will be a short-term feeling.

Well, it’s how I felt. You don’t have to feel like me hopefully lol

Overall, even if I don’t know you, you sound reasonable and you know yourself well, including your skills, that is something valuable.
Even if you get a negative answer, that might not be enough to discourage you in general edition.

If you don’t feel at ease rejecting people’s request to become moderators, you might not like the CM position. Apart from that, there’s no “technical” skill you need to have, it’s not like you need editing skills or segging skills, because you recruit people for that. It’s more about receiving requests from people, treating them, delegating and the end. It’s more on the administrative side.

People can become upset if you say no, an editor might be absent, you look for another editor to take care of the baby, then subtitlers who ask to be recruited… I find it bothering because there would be people who will continue to ask to be recruited until you don’t know when exactly. Quite boring after a while.

Yes, the tasks of a CM are easier than the tasks of an editor in the sense where you don’t need to know a lot of stuff.
But in term of communication and team organization, if you want to have more exp, I would recommend becoming a CM, but you need be present and keep an eye.

Hey Piranna, guess what, I’m [REDACTED] innnnnn! Lol yesterday the first couple responses were letdowns, but I was still excited to be putting myself out there like this.

The most interesting piece of feedback I got was one message that said she doesn’t work with non-natives too much bc there are things that aren’t taught in a classroom, things that make sense to english speakers but otherwise might be hard to understand.
Ya know… the whole [REDACTED] time I was so worried that I’m making a grammar mistake, that I’d be considered unprofessional when using slang, and what not. I seriously even worried about ending sentences with prepositions! (But kept it in bc it sounded natural… lol)
Turns out I should have just [REDACTED] all of that and talk how I normally do. sigh
But I’m in anyway! Hurraaaah!

edit: I hope swearing is allowed because I’m going ham on this sh
edit 2: guess not lmao

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You will see how it will go! Why worrying now!

Weird that you have to be native to edit.
By talking with some editors, there are editors who are not native on Viki and anywhere else in the world of editing. People also move of their country and have school exchange programs or native friends or relatives they can speak with.
In the end, what matters is your skills, that makes all the difference.

You will also have the CE at the end, so what you forget or don’t see, he might see. If you’re working with another GE, both of you might edit the same ep. There’s a safety net.

No editor is perfect. You can ask subtitlers, moderators or editors of other languages. It rarely happens there is no human error among the + 8000 subtitles and there are errors that non-native subtitlers can correct.

To boost you, you can also become a CM.
Either to appoint yourself as an editor, either to attract people.
If you give people some positions, they will give you an editor position in return when they will manage a channel. It’s called reciprocity. It’s a concept used in marketing or it’s evoked in psychology.

You can see it as a product placement for both of you. What can you offer that will spark their interest so they invest in you / pick you?
People rarely act if it’s not in their interest or if there’s no gain for them.

This works sometimes better than all the speech and diplomas. I prefer the other method, because you will be recruited first and foremost because of your skills.

Good luck with editing! I hope you will enjoy it!