**Looking for an English Chief Editor, Chief Segmentor and OL Moderators for the South Korean movie "Cicadas"(2022)**

Hey everyone!
I’ve become the channel manager of the South Korean movie “Cicadas”(2022). I’m looking for an English Chief Editor, Chief Segmentor and OL Moderators, as it already comes with English subtitles to Viki on March 15th. And it is a short project which you can finish it off during the 2023 Spring Subathon period [March 11th - 25th (PST)]. It is 2 hour 2 mins long.
If anyone is interested in translating it into your language, please send me a message on Viki. Also if you want to work with a co-moderator, send me a group message.
I’m leaving my Viki profile link below and the movie link, too.
padmalayag - Rakuten Viki

Here is the plot from mydramalist for your reference.
The story revolves around a master of the traditional funeral play called Jindo Dasiraegi. One day, his daughter returns home years after she left, saddled with debt. Their relationship remains uneasy as she is still in agony over the death of her mother in total disregard of her father, as his heart and soul were dedicated to performing Dasiraegi.

Looking forward to your applications.
Thanks and regards
Padma (CM)

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