Looking for an interesting drama AIRING NOW

I am home sick with the flu and I have nothing to watch. I need some Kdrama recommendations. Here are my requirements:

  1. It has to be Korean.:dolls:
  2. It has to be ONGOING - airing now.:seedling:
  3. No horror, fantasy, action, detective or murder mysteries.:cherries:
  4. Extremely romantic. Possibly family.:heart:
  5. No Kpop stars - no Uee, no Yoona, etc.:rage:
  6. Within 16 - 18 episodes limit.:alarm_clock:
  7. Nobody kills anybody.:innocent:
  8. No cancer patients. Light amnesia is okay.:ambulance:
  9. No dramas about music groups. :notes:

If you know any dramas that would fit my criteria, please let me know. :tulip:

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Gee wiz your list has the entire mandatory requirements for Kdramas. 99% of them include all of 1 to 9.
Ok let me start with a sweet little one that just ended recently and is easy to get through. ‘My little baby’
‘Entertainer’ is on E4 so easy to catch up. ‘5 children’ but be warned it’s a long one.
How about one Tdrama? ‘Back to 1989’? Another that finished recently ‘One more happy ending’ only 16 episodes so easy to get through.
I’m following a few airing now that are great but your list excludes them from my recommendation.
Get well soon, keep warm and get lots of Vit C into you that virus will leave you drained of energy so get back slowly.

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Thanks for answering.

  1. I just finished “My Little Baby”. It was cute.
  2. Entertainer has a Kpop girl in it and they sing once in a while.
  3. I watched One More Happy Ending. It was okay.
    I can’t watch Tdrama, sorry. :girl:
    I can only watch Kdrama.
    Thank you anyway. I am feeling better already. :kiss:

I know it’s an old thread and your flu is completely gone by now.
I just wanted to note one thing. The cast is known beforehand, the genre too (in romantic comedies usually there are no killings and if no “ghost” is mentioned in the title, you can be sure of no horror).
However, if it’s an on-air drama, which is far from finished, how can people know whether it will have amnesia or cancer or if it will be extremely romantic or only a bit romantic? The full plot is not revealed to any of us beforehand, and even the writers sometimes change stuff at the last moment, depending on viewers’ responses. So a couple of these requirements are impossible to meet for an ongoing drama.
Just sayin’…

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W is the most unpredictable drama I’ve ever watched! I can typically correctly predict what’s going to happen in k-dramas. But in this case, every episode has so many twists and turns and the plot is so unexpected and atypical. So I think that makes this drama really interesting.