Looking for Chinese-English subbers for "Good Morning Shanghai"

I’m the french moderator of the chinese drama “Good Morning Shanghai” with the korean actress Jang Na Ra (fated to love you). I’m looking chinese-english subber for this drama.
If you are interested please send a pm to uraacaa, the manager, or me Mizcoffy.

Thought this drama has already been translated a long time ago and you can find the completed episodes in Viki.

Hi, Shaldane.

This drama has many parts not translated in english. Like the 6th episode has only the first part translated. I made a list of the missing parts.

Maybe the reason is the fact there is a lot of video for the same episode (from 2 to 7) but only one translated, the others must been segmented.

If someone can help to finish to translate it in english, it would be great !