Looking for Chinese-English subbers for the drama 'Back In Time: Long Time No See'

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‘Back In Time: Long Time No See’, the sequel to ‘Back In Time’ is ON AIR. Segmenting has been done up until Episode 6 Part 1. We need Chinese to English subbers for it. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact CM @tess6 .

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Synopsis -

Continuing a few years later where Season 1 left off, ‘Back In Time: Long Time No See’ centers on the love triangle between Fang Hui, Qiao Ran & Chen Xun. After reuniting, the emotionally wounded Fang Hui faces yet again the task of choosing between the two men. Will she find it in her to forgive Chen Xun’s mistakes or will Qiao Ran finally win her love? Will they find happiness in this youthful chapter of their lives? ‘Back In Time: Long Time No See’ is a Chinese Romantic Drama, ON AIR from Dec. 28th 2015 to Feb. 16th 2016 on VIKI.